Sunday, July 7, 2013

Flowers on a Sunday

Sitting at my desk on a rainy Sunday, pouring over yet another stack of notes and materials, I'm struck my how satisfied I am that this has become my normal. I seem to put myself through these ups and downs of emotion a lot, willingly signing up for new challenges and feeling stressed about whether I'll prevail at the end of the day. It's intense and the pressure and nerves are constant. Yet I feel that perhaps at this stage in my life it might be healthy to consistently push, because if not now, then when, ever? It's a rat race to be sure. I never thought I'd be 'doing this'. And yet now, dare I say, I just might be doing it for real. Time will tell if I'll survive. I certainly hope I'll have the stamina to sustain me through the arduous climb. For now at least, just like a flower, freshly plucked is at its freshest and most beautiful for those brief few days, I'll savour these sweet moments, no matter how short and appreciate its beauty while it continues to thrive.

Original paintings by Gretchen Hancock

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