Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Cool Comfort

I was really tempted to title this post 'Apartment Therapy' because actually I literally do need to relax in the confines of a soothing, (superbly decorated and preferably fully air-conditioned)interior after dashing around rather madly the last...has it really been 3 weeks?
I feel bad, but you see, I had a Coronation to attend.

No, not Charles, it was the 500th anniversary weekend of Henry’s coronation.
Mum spent a few days with me in London and we trekked from Hampton court to Eltham Palace and all over the place running madly for trains as if we were not mere Muggles and thus hoping that the last 2 seconds before the train departs would magically turn into 4.

It was a whirlwind as we watched knights jousts then watched Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart wait for Godot. Took tea at the Wolseley then took in Jude Law behaving madly as Hamlet. From the beautiful roses in Shakespeare's stratford upon avon to the beautiful Juliet and her Romeo's tragic end at the Shakespeares's Globe.

And then I wallowed in sorrow as mum left and my little brother packed his bags for the army.

So with announcements made at tube stations to drink more water due to the dizzying heat(surprising) together with suspended and/or delayed services on whichever lines(completely unsurprising) it would be heavenly to hide out in these invigorating and refreshingly cool interiors.

{all images by Antoine Bootz}