Sunday, June 26, 2011

'I can conquer anything'

There's something innately delightful about these stiletto's. Practically made for the 'so hot you can almost see the shimmering heat waves' weather. If anything could make me traipse the streets under the sweltering sun it would be a pair of Italian made 'I can conquer anything' heels! If you recall, I fell instantly for a Marni rope necklace in a similar shade which makes me wonder if screamingly vivid neon yellow might be my new favourite colour. Not to wax lyrical but it takes me back to a holiday in Portugal where I saw lemon trees in bloom everywhere, the most beautiful natural yellow I've ever seen, standing out against the white washed little houses and cerulean sky.

In contrast, the Loeffler Randall suede boots with silver spikes provide just the right armament for those days when I need to feel a little dangerous. The plan this weekend - keep cool and power walk!Loeffler Randall & here

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Back with a deep tan and an overfull suitcase! A month of wild abandon, great friends, laughter and Landscapes that lighten a heart. Shimmering heat, priceless art and once in a lifetime moments. Merry knocks on a speeding coaster, walks on the riviera and majestic monuments that were beheld! Irretrievable nuggets of time spent with the family.
A multitude of things that were seen and done.
I returned to Birthday celebrations, multiple cakes and sweet moments of joy! It's nice to be back.

editorial par Caroline blomst