Sunday, January 30, 2011

Dare you to.

Dinner on friday was a highly eventful experience!
The first time I've witnessed a Proposal outside of the movies and it was exhilarating and absolutely lovely.
It was almost 10pm, a late dinner after a long week. Suddenly, all the lights in the restaurant went out. While patrons glanced around to see what the commotion was about, a sole spotlight was turned on, enveloping the soon-to-be-engaged lady in a flattering halo.

Her group of girlfriends were clearly in on the surprise since cameras were immediately whipped out to record the memorable moment as she blinked in emotional confusion.
A man, all suited up appeared at the back of the room, slowly stepping into view with a big bouquet of flowers and a determined but abashed expression. The entire restaurant went wild with enthusiastic clapping and cheers of support!

Not a bite was eaten as everyone turned in their chairs and held their breaths when the hopeful groom went down on bended knee and revealed the requisite ring for the big question.
The answer was thankfully Yes!!
Amidst calls for the happy couple to seal it with a kiss, champagne was popped by the waitstaff and a seat was pulled out for the surely much relieved guy. Eventually, the lights were turned back on and conversation resumed as people returned to their meal.
But the cloud of romance hung in the air for the rest of the night... ah what fun!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Flower Girl

Just a spot of mid week beauty...

Friday, January 21, 2011

Vacation fever

I'm a planner. As much as I like the notion of taking a trip on an impulse, I know I'll never make it as backpacker.
Roadtrips have started calling to me recently, the idea of not following a fixed schedule, of keeping one's options open, of hitting the open road. I've never truly been on one, except for driving directly from LA to Vegas, so I don't really know if the reality is as romantic as the picture in my mind. Nevertheless, being hooked on to Lonely Planet and Frommers, constantly scouring places to travel to next has become my great escape when demanding timetables make it hard to find a real break.
Travel & fashion- always makes for a spectacular editorial!

images from fashiongonerogue

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Still in the sun

Sun, sea and...still need to learn how to surf! Its one of the niggling activities to check off the 'things to do while I'm young and not too awkward or easily embarrassed' list. Right, scratch that. I'll probably only ever have the guts to get on a wobbly surfboard if the lesson took place on a totally deserted beach. And since that will only likely ever happen in freezing winter or a wealthy someone's private stretch, I guess learning to surf might be relegated to the 'not ever going to happen' scenario.
Well, all that or just get over my aversion to public ridicule and take the plunge. Literally, painfully.
Anyone have good experiences to share?

Lilibon swimwear

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Coming on Strong

When I think about the ebb and flow of a year, January makes the steepest peak. Its hard to emerge from the inertia after the romantic lull of November and December, the time when the year is at its gentlest and most rose tinted. And then its back to no nonsense, lets get down to business January!
I thought that these images capture the perfect blend of toughness, determination and sensuality to start the month off on an appropriately powerful note. Now, it may sound like I'm describing a perfume but if I wished for a special concoction to mark 2011, these would be the ingredients and composite characteristics that get my pick!

edita vilkeviciute and david gandy,