Saturday, June 13, 2009

Brussels Beckons

I was looking for inspiring destinations to visit for a 3 night petite vacance that wouldn't require too much planning. I'm rather obsessive compulsive about getting things down right to the littlest details truth be told which can tire be out before a holiday even begins. So, a 2hr relaxing journey by Eurostar seems about right. Besides France, the Eurostar also has direct services to Belgium. Oh yes, Brussels beckoned.

The best thing is that Eurostar has special deals with a number of hotels that gives you really good, I mean really really good rates if you reserve them together with your Eurostar tickets. You can go away for a quickie weekend break [pun absolutely intended] or an extended stay at fabulous hotels for half or a third of the regular prices. I selected the Boutique hotel category and the five star Stanhope Hotel immediately caught my eye. A standard room if booked through the Stanhope's website costs € 250.00 but as low as € 70.00 if booked through Eurostar. Is that not a compelling reason to take yourself off for a luxurious weekend in the land of chocolat?

If thats not enticing enough, look at the rooms... I might never leave.

Notice the trompe l'oeil wallpaper? Those grand bookshelves aren't actually real. How well it blends in.

And since its summer, you can have a glass of bubbly champagne in the sun dappled interior Magnolia Garden. Alas, Louis Vuitton steam trunk not included.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Couture à la plage

Slip off those heels, put on the most impractical ball gown, throw on a soft faded sweater and head to the beach. Who can resist the pull of the frothy waves against the impossibly blue sky. Toss your hair in the salty sea spray, press your feet into the yielding wet sand and run with abandon into the welcoming ocean. Who says couture can't be rescued?

{All images by bec parsons.}

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Soothing greens are my latest leaning in colour when it comes to interiors. There is something about le couleur vert that transforms a place, making it comforting to the eyes and a balm to the soul. Three days ago I bought an oversized frond to place in the corner of my bedroom. Just a single tall leaf. I do want a plant eventually but that will have to wait until I'm back from vacation.
The coincidence when I chanced upon this set of pictures from skona hem had me so amazed, I had to share.

Notice the palm leaf casually perched next to the beautiful clawfoot tub? It ties in so nicely with the very English wallpaper.

And those mosiac tiles in the shower make me feel a new design lust coming on.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Have yourself a Beautiful weekend

Nothing makes a day more beautiful than fresh cut flowers.
The fact that they are rather fragile and last only for a bare few days makes them so much more precious.
These flowers make me feel wild, vibrant, so alive. It lifts a mood more effectively than any little pill can.
It makes you want to celebrate just being present, here, today.
So grab a bouquet and surely like me you'll be smiling all day, Happy Weekend!

{These exquisite arrangements are from Sarah who runs the lovely flower shop Saipua.}

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

lemon Chiffon & hazy grey

Its been a lackadaisical week...
spending time with the family, catching up on reading,
going through stacks of design magazines, doing some painting and rearranging shelves.
Hope you had an equally relaxing, if not efficient week!

Images Lemon Meringue & Virginia beach

Monday, June 1, 2009

Walnut Nightstands

I'm missing some nightstands at the moment and can you believe what I found? The most perfect pair to complement any bed. The only problem is the thousand dollar price tag. No exaggeration here.
According to the description they are custom handmade, crafted from solid walnut, brand new and inspired by the famous Charles and Ray Eames.

Designed and made by Hanger Design, the base is a reproduction Eames Dowel base, originally seen on the iconic Eames fiberglass chairs. This magnificent pair will make any mid-century maven's heart skip a beat. [mine at least--breathe]