Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Couture à la plage

Slip off those heels, put on the most impractical ball gown, throw on a soft faded sweater and head to the beach. Who can resist the pull of the frothy waves against the impossibly blue sky. Toss your hair in the salty sea spray, press your feet into the yielding wet sand and run with abandon into the welcoming ocean. Who says couture can't be rescued?

{All images by bec parsons.}


  1. These images are just lovely...rescue I say, xv.

  2. this is such a pretty post! i love it!

    btw, i did a bedroom makeover post on my blog today that you might enjoy...check it out at:


  3. these photos are kinetic loveliness ~ as breezes of the heart!!!

    dear wishes