Monday, May 9, 2011

On the road...skipping across the Map!

Hi lovely people,

I'm typing this from my Hotel Lobby and my 10 minutes time limit is already running out! I'll be on the road for a month this time [yes, I'm quite nervous because I'll be city hopping all over the place] so all posts will likely be sporadic and spontaneous!! It will come to you from all Hotels kind enough to offer free internet services. You understand I'm sure, for the exorbitant charges at some places, I'm afraid I'd really rather indulge in late night room service. Wouldn't you? It's one of my very favourite things. Plush hotel sheets, a lovely tray, silver cutlery and an essential shiny dome covering a warm plate of something probably not too healthy and definitely over priced. Impossible to resist. To give you an idea of where I'll be traipsing this month, I'll be going to St Tropez for the first time ever and I'm already bouncing with excitement! I'll also be in Cannes, incidentally during the period of the Cannes film festival so that is a definite highlight. After two weeks in France, including places like Normany and Provence, I'll be going to New York New York!! Everytime I go back I feel as if everything has changed and I have to rediscover the city. Then my US roadtrip dreams will finally come true and take me to Washington DC, up to Boston and finally to Maine where I'm hoping to devour some delicious seafood! Lastly, did I forget to mention Florida? Oh, I'm too much of a kid at heart not to admit to happily looking forward to DisneyWorld! I've gone to almost all the DisneyLands in the world but funnily have never made it to the "greatest place on earth"! So that wraps up the entire wonky journey, zig zagging through the map by planes, trains and buses. As you can well imagine, packing for such diverse places was a nightmare but I've got my camera and when I'm back, I'm sure I'll have too much to share.
Take care and lots of Love!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Bee stung and ballet steps

Been preoccupied lately...its been such a nice few days. I haven't felt like doing much really except read novels, organise and moisturise. In that order precisely.
It feels so luxurious, the short period of time to do nothing and everything I had been too busy to do. As I'm writing this, its pouring outside, so heavily it might never stop. Meanwhile, I've just emerged from a steamy shower and am swathed in an array of scented creams and oils. The good life!

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