Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Black Out

I'll be heading to the Petit Palais for the much discussed Yves Saint Laurent rétrospective next week and I couldn't be more excited! It runs until 29 August so I'm thankful to be able to squeeze a visit in just before it closes. This fantastic editorial in Muse's summer issue encapsulates the YSL 'look' perfectly!
The strong, powerful woman who's not afraid to wear the pants. Très sexy. It's a great match with the other images of dark, impactful interiors that were saved in my folder.
Black and white is always a knockout combination non?

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Renovate my home

Renovations are going on at the moment, I can't stop wanting to switch things up around the house. One of the things I've always envied is a huge walk in closet where one could just get lost in. Not literally of course, even I don't have that many clothes but what I'd like is a sanctuary, a place to escape to and just enjoy the things that I have. Look around and savour the vibrant colours and different textures of the pieces I've amassed. A room where my clothes can hang peaceably next to each other without being half suffocated to death when I try to wrangle them out of the wardrobe with doors that can no longer close. I'd like to see my shoes lined up neatly so that I don't keep wearing the same pair when I'm dashing out of the house even though I have a hundred and two.

At the moment, I've made concessions. My favourite glossy black desk has moved into my bedroom for occasions where I'd like to work quietly and at all other times I work at my dining table, a plan that is practical since I never dine there. My awkward study room has now been installed with built in wardrobes and I'm trying to create my own boudoir. Nothing overdramatic, the space is much too small to install the french daybeds and venetians mirrors of my fantasies but at least for now I think, it will do very nicely indeed. Here are more inspirational pictures to add to my collection.
Also, a question- does having more space make you want more?

Friday, July 9, 2010

Weekend cravings

A collection of sweet toothed delights for the weekend! I'm quite funny about my sugar intake actually. It doesn't make sense to any of my family and friends so I've decided it's a topic that we can all discuss together. Firstly, I don't eat sweets! Not at all.
Not fruit pastels or hard candy, no twizzlers or licorice, no gummy bears nor fizzy sours. No marshmallows and no chewing gum too. 'Why?!' I hear you saying, horrified. And, um, I don't drink any soda either. I know what you're thinking, is she a raw food diet, wheatgrass drinking health junkie? No. far from that, like lightyears far.
I just don't like the taste of sweets. Which is incomprehensible because I love desserts. Any and all kinds. Puddings, ice creams, cakes, tarts, macarons, chocolate. I'm the girl who has dessert before dinner. I've made a complete tour of Paris hopping from a patisserie to another in complete sugar induced bliss. I bake quite often so I've surely made the connection between molten chocolate cake and the ratio of sugar to all other ingredients, except well maybe butter.
And yet, I don't take sugar in my tea. No sugar in my coffee either. Which makes me I guess, even a puzzle to me.

So, a very sweet weekend to all of you and if you have any food related quirks, savoury included, you know I'd love to hear it!

from Daily Candy

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A Cocoon Room

You would never believe me if I said this was my bedroom would you? Sigh, I thought not. This luscious surroundings is fit for a glamourous goddess, very modern day breakfast at Tiffany's with the luxurious bedding and inviting colour scheme. Can you imagine lounging around in silk pajamas and a decadent box of dark chocolate truffles? I might even be tempted to "not get out of bed for less than $10,000 a day" à la Linda Evangelista! Look closer and you'll see prancing gazelles amidst the abstract woods immaculately depicted in the original wall mural. I can't think of a better way to unwind at the end of the day or be lulled into beautiful dreams as you go to sleep each night. Its such a cocoon of a room.

images from traditional home

Thursday, July 1, 2010

La Belle Princesse

Happening upon the princesse tam tam website the other day, I was tickled by the quirky images. Geeky glasses, feathered hats and floral crowns modelled charmingly by the wide eyed model. It had such a fun vibe that I wanted to share. Not to overlook the lingerie, the pastel colours and sweet shades are spot on for the summer season as well! My favourite has to be the first image, the combination of pale lilac and buttercup yellow just makes my day! Which one catches your fancy?