Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Gambolling in Saint Petersburg

Had to post this the minute I set eyes on the lovely pictures created by the team at J Crew. Set in the incomparable Saint Petersburg, Polish model Magdalena Frackowiak traipses over its picturesque streets, pauses on one of the city's many stunning bridges, struts in front of the famed Hermitage museum and jumps with joy in this delightful series that would no doubt send everyone in the direction of the airport or the nearest J Crew store. While the clothes exude the same mix of effortless chic and classic with a twist, it is the unmistakable architecture and old world glamour that makes this such a heady, romantic trip down memory lane. It takes me back six years to the summer I spent walking the same path, experiencing the same overwhelming feelings of awe and gladness as excitement bubbled in my chest. Ah Russia, your charms are eternal...

J Crew in Saint Petersburg

Friday, August 12, 2011

Coffee cups and Ferryboats

It's not at all hard to determine where I was the past few weeks.
If the title didn't give it away, the last few pictures surely will. For a Starbucks addict like myself, getting to its Pike place location provided a definite thrill even before imbibing any caffeine.
The skyline of Seattle as you can see is truly beautiful. I had perfect weather during my stay and though it drizzled on my last day, I fully embraced it as part of the necessary Seattle experience. I mean, if I could see Mount Rainier in the distance on my very first day, what more could I ask for? Nothing - except maybe for a longer stay.

Seattle has officially ascended to the very top of my list as most favourite US city. A local I spoke to told me that they were completely spoilt by all the riches Seattle had to offer and I completely agree. Being in Seattle made me feel as if I had just done 10 sessions of hot yoga. Serene and at one with nature.

Even with an average drinking rate of a cup of coffee every 3 hrs or so and the Grey's Anatomy jingle playing unavoidably in my head, I had never felt more recharged and energised. A truly happy camper.

Images taken with my iphone
PS. My adventures on the West Coast continues in Wine Country...