Thursday, November 26, 2009

Some days, No words

Some days no words are needed.

par AGirl'sGarden

Friday, November 20, 2009

Sweet November

As November comes to a close, tell me, do you sometimes feel lost at this time of the year?
Its the quiet before the storm when you look forward with great Hope for the new year and also take a deep breath and think about what has gone before...

I always say 'the year flew by so quickly'! And then I try to compile a mental list of things that will hold perpetual significance to me.
What kind of year has it been for you? What dreams do you envision crystallising in 2010?

Images, all Etsy- emmarts, julieannis, NikitaJade, RichManVintage, julieannis.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Drawing Parallels

The Law
Forfeiture against Misbehavin' Tenants

the purpose is 'to give even tenants who have hitherto lacked the will or the means to comply with their obligations one last chance to summon up that will or find the necessary means before the landlord re-enters.'

This is the Court's gentle way of saying:

Mafia: [lay on the accent] So what did Jacky say to 'em?

Frightened small fry: I..I didn't hear anything boss! I swear!
I..I don't remember, I mean he didn't say anything!

Mafia: [laid back shrug] Ok, I'll tell you what Sonny,
how bout I give you one last chance to remember before...

Image shifts, the barest glint of a sharp, very sharp knife is shown.

Frightened small fry: [shaking in his boots, eyes widening comically]
No, No! Wait, wait I'll tell you everything! Just please please don't...

-The End-

Lovely artwork by aliette, a graphic designer from Paris.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Goldtoned Glamour

All dressed up with somewhere to go...
I'm loving an almost neutral palatte this week, a soothing balm to the milieu of my mind. Ivory, taupe, tan, beige, and of course the irresistable gold.

Images - the lovely Giedre Dukauskaite, cherryblossom girl, metropolitan home

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Compositions of a bookish mind

today my life stops again, everything comes to halt
me against the stopwatch, if luck stays kindly true
my mettle will be tested and I'll prove worth my salt

but nothing will be easy
as i struggle to unearth the time i stole
it hinges on sheer mental strength
And how much my brain will grudgingly hold

5 minutes to eat and 10 for a shower
are there ration coupons?

oh the lazy devil perched gingerly upon my shoulder
what have you again dragged me into
I never should listen but inevitably do
and now the debtors' come to knock

I counted stacks of fearsome books, a white mountain on my desk
warnings of an avalanche leaves little time to rest
musical lyrics and pretty rhymes unceremoniously tossed out
make room for analytical cases and black and white results

the story that gets repeated time and time again
but I do it grimly to myself over and over the same
at least I clearly see the unhappy task ahead
no perambulation through the park
no flowers with tiny pollen that makes tired eyes smart

come December I'll be free to dream
there'll be space for yards of ribbons and lace
to view the world like a sweet polaroid
and never worry about the race.

I'll huddle in bed and snuggle down warmly
and hibernate like a big brown bear
I'll drink honey and read fluffy books and never have a care

I'll let the days past quickly,
run into each other like a murky blur
fill my head with cotton candy and never deign to stir

But for now the work begins
like digging in a diamond cave
its tiring and risky,
largely a game of chance.
For thirsty days you yield nothing,
not a speck of dust
but the gem you may discover might reinstate your trust.

Images- Beaniie, Here Comes the Sun, AudreyHepburn Complex, wetbehindtheears, toast, Google Reader

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Awash with Beauty

Just a couple of beautiful things mid week.
A lovely sitting room with all the elements I like, a touch of Chinoiserie, a gracious wash of Pink, an interesting lucite side table, Slipper chairs, Fresh flowers and is that Afternoon tea and scones? Also, Lara Stone looking Porcelain perfect and ready for a ball, stacked macarons from the famed Laduree and a glimpse of Chamonix to complete the fairytale. Can you spot the ribboned bow etched in snow?

Images - Joe Nye, Lara Stone fashiongonerougue, Laduree, Chamonix Mont Blanc mmdurango44

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Let your mind wonder

{Oh to be laid low by the flu, feel your dignity ebb out with every paper flower crushed like a pitiful petal tossed to the fates of the winds}

The storm outside and sharp arrows of lightning are probably fuelling today's melanchollic soliloquy... But being barely able to breathe with a trial in three days doesn't put me in most light hearted of moods. On the bright side though, I recently re-discovered a warming pumpkin and apple soup that makes me just that bit better. Its like savouring the sweet last dregs of October before tumbling straight into pre-season madness. I saw a huge Christmas tree being put up while hitting the shops a few days ago and it was truly a shock.
Granted it wasn't decorated with glittering baubles yet but somehow I wondered...'Tis the Season already? Time flies and when I sometimes feel weary, I always think its good to let your mind fly off for a while too. Just awhile.

Claudia Schiffer in November's German Vogue “Kunst Pausen”- images fashiongonerogue