Monday, November 16, 2009

Drawing Parallels

The Law
Forfeiture against Misbehavin' Tenants

the purpose is 'to give even tenants who have hitherto lacked the will or the means to comply with their obligations one last chance to summon up that will or find the necessary means before the landlord re-enters.'

This is the Court's gentle way of saying:

Mafia: [lay on the accent] So what did Jacky say to 'em?

Frightened small fry: I..I didn't hear anything boss! I swear!
I..I don't remember, I mean he didn't say anything!

Mafia: [laid back shrug] Ok, I'll tell you what Sonny,
how bout I give you one last chance to remember before...

Image shifts, the barest glint of a sharp, very sharp knife is shown.

Frightened small fry: [shaking in his boots, eyes widening comically]
No, No! Wait, wait I'll tell you everything! Just please please don't...

-The End-

Lovely artwork by aliette, a graphic designer from Paris.


  1. love those paintings, especially the last.
    i found your blog by following your screen name, for its the same as mine. :)