Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I could be persuaded

Net-a-porter continues the not so subtle art of persuasion, and {shrug} what can I say? I could be persuaded... Too easily indeed. The jolt of red completes this irresistable picture. If shoes could talk, the things a pair of Louboutins would say! I'd bet she'd be witty and charming, bold and alluring, full of laughter and always up for a dare. She'd be well travelled and supportive, a friend who'll always care... Oh Monsieur Louboutin I do declare, in every girl's life there must exist a pair!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A year older...

I feel like I've been away for so long. But truly, I had a lovely time! A resort getaway of sorts beginning on Friday followed by a long lackadaisical weekend, one day lapsing into another seamlessly, lazily, slumberously. A nice, quietly joyous way to celebrate my birthday.
Ah yes, I turned another year older and only infinitesimally wiser!

I distinctly remember being sixteen and never thinking I'd actually get here. Time used to drag by as frustratingly slow as being on the losing end of a tug of war. Every inch gained, every little progress made was like digging one's feet into wet, yielding sand and pulling until rope burns were the inevitable outcome. Getting a year closer to finally being an adult was hard won and always headily celebrated. Now, three years past twenty one I wish i could hit a momentary pause button. Life runs circles around me creating an urgent, driving need to complete all the grand plans my younger heart had eagerly drawn.

So dear friends, raise a glass of champagne with me, I'm drinking Moët & Chandon but any liquor would happily suffice. And 'Santé !' may there be many exciting days ahead, may we all have something beautiful to look forward to each day, may there always be something or someone to spur you on, offer encouragement, share your love and give you a bright reason to keep pressing towards your goals till the very next birthday!

Images here and here

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Impeccable Celine

Impeccable, sharp, clean, minimalist, classic. What can be said that hasn't yet been about the brand that has vaulted over so many others to clinch the undeniable number one covetable position among insiders and non alike? Phoebe Philo's Celine has now attained celestial status. Unattainable to mere mortals, her clothes sheath the rare few with the aura of a goddess. Fashion goddess. Those supreme beings gazed upon with envy through the lenses of many a famous photographer and then channelled to the masses. Celine's collection floats on that higher plane. Its another incredible performance, refreshing and unfailingly elegant. Pardon my enraptured woolgathering...to put it plainly, I want that and that and that! Please?

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Golden rules

One day when I was lamenting about my closet woes and sighing for the hundred and twentieth time over a newly bought necklace that had given out on me after barely the first wear, my dear mother sagely told me that perhaps I should trade in a bursting wardrobe and countless shiny knick knacks for real jewels. I did pause to actually ponder the remarkable good sense of that idea. It seemed built on solid, investment worthy rationale if not for the fact that she might have been inspired by the moment in sex and the city when Carrie disappointedly expressed hope for 'maybe a piece of jewelry?' after being none too happily surprised with a sleek new television for the bedroom. While mum was discussing the intelligence behind saving on trendy high street, 'disposable' pieces and channeling that budget towards the commodities market, read: the increasing value of gold, my mind had gone in another direction, Diamonds.

My magpie tendencies had taken me straight to the other extreme. 'But how could I afford anything I truly want?' I asked plaintitively. If I was going to 'invest' in the future, it had to be a piece that I was completely in love with! The reply was tactfully cautious, mum clearly recalling, rather lately in my opinion, the size of my petit petit budget. 'Well', she said, 'perhaps you could go for coloured jewels first...diamonds later.'
Coloured jewels? Ad campaigns from countless magazines flashed through my imagination. Cartier, I whispered, breathlessly. An emerald from Cartier.
Obviously unsure whether to crush my newly found religion, mum chirped enthusiastically, 'all right then, we'll go have a look at Cartier this weekend!' It took awhile I have to admit before the more rationale side of my brain caught up but two minutes later the haze cleared and I finally dredged up a reply, 'Yeah mum, we could go and look at keychains...or maybe Cartier has some nice namecard holders huh?'

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Friday, June 11, 2010

Modern Heroine

The setting isn't exactly Meryton, Hertfordshire but can't you just as easily picture a modern Jane, Mary, Catherine, Lydia, and Elizabeth Bennet in this charming drawing room? When I saw this lovely sun drenched space it immediately struck me with its timeless appeal as if inexplicably suspended between the 1800's and today. The Age of Elegance meshed with stylish modernity. I'm particularly in love with the floating effect of the bean shaped light fixture. This room makes me wish I had four sisters to gossip with, read with, knit with...no no better nix that last one, I wouldn't know how to knit properly even if I had a few centuries to learn it!

desire to inspire

Monday, June 7, 2010

Castle on the clouds

How can a girl come back from visiting real life castles and not have her head filled with fairytales and daydreams? I'm still floating on a high of happiness but my mind's already racing off to hopefully another vacation coming up in a month. Cheers to plane rides and train rides, long white nights of summer and bygone white knights in tarnished armour!
I'll be back with more posts after a good rest, in the meantime here is a fittingly titled editorial 'Daydream' capturing a luminous Patricia Van Der Vliet by Lachlan Bailey in the latest June\July issue of Numero.

Patricia Van Der Vliet by Lachlan Bailey “Daydream” Numéro