Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Ice-Cream Man

I remember the old man and his Ice-Cream cart. I used to visit him after school, my hand tightly nestled in Grandma's when I was young and then later with a jolly bunch of schoolmates when I was slightly older. I remember spotting his little 'pop-up shop' from miles away, marked by the faithful stripey umbrella jauntily perched above his head. When I was a child, I would run towards it, excitement urging me forward yet tripping me up along the way.

The man would look down at me with a mockingly grave expression on his crinkled face. 'A cup' I would quip shyly, 'please'. He would nod slowly, seriously. Then he would reach down with his sturdy metal scoop into the depths of deliciousness where the eagerly anticipated, meltingly cold ice-cream resided, away from the blistering heat of the tropical sun. I would go up on tiptoes, fingers curled tightly around the edge of the cart, craning my neck to see what I was convinced true bliss would look like. Alas, I would come up short, quite literally, and never managed a peak into the secret depths that generously afforded so much joy.

I watched the old man's sun-weathered hand work with efficient, practised flicks before raising the moulded ball of ice-cream up, up, and up. His movements seemed to play out in slow motion as I watched that arm raise so gradually and carefully, like water being drawn from a well.
All the while I would hold my breath until I saw that mountainous ball of ice-cream emerge, coloured in all shades of the rainbow, a multitude of different flavours tumbled into one amazing, addictive sensory explosion. With a firm push the ice-cream would sit comfortably in a cup that I remember to this day was illustrated with an inky blue background and decorated with a galaxy of stars.

One last tap with a triangular wafer, a toothy smile and then the ice-cream was all mine. I would gingerly reach up with my dollar and place it in the old man's jar. 'Thank you', I'd whisper and then a small salute as he watched me skip away happily with the precious prize cradled in my palm.

Images pisa + gelato Wink Theater just so

Friday, January 29, 2010


We're barely through with January and I already feel like taking off, preferably somewhere in Italy, also preferably a place by the sea.
There's no reason really but I'm suddenly gripped with an urge to dive into an incredibly cinematic old italian movie. Maybe its the need to embrace the idyllic.
Have you ever taken a trip that just felt surreal? Sometimes just when I'm about to take a picture I get a sense of deja vu just because I'm so familiar with the scene before me that it feels like I've already been there. Rest and relaxation is not usually top of the list of must-do's when I'm planning a holiday. Case in point; I sprained my back recently, pretty badly and when the doctor gravely told me that I would have to take proper care to prevent a regular recurrence my first thought admittedly was, "No more bungy jumping?!". You have to understand, I'm a huge adrenaline junky! I went straight to sky-diving before even attempting the bungy so this was bad news indeed.
So its highly unusual but for once taking in the views, soaking up the culture, perhaps catching a back-bending ballet recital sounds irresistably inviting. Oh February, Wherefore art thou?

First two images by jerseymaids, last two images by Daniele Pollice

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Highflying Corporate Sophisticate

She's the highflying corporate sophisticate with the perfect job, perfect life and she does it all in perfect clothes. Phoebe Philo's latest collection for Celine pre-fall 2010 doesn't push any fashion boundaries but it does draw attention to the brand that has been somewhat overlooked. Every piece is sleek, flawless and wearable, uncommonly so in the recent fashion climate. Nothing tattered and nothing torn, these are the pieces from the wardrobe of the effortlessly stylish woman we all envy.

She has an innate confidence, a sassy spirit, she's full of creative energy and never doubts her decisions. She's independent, she works hard and plays hard and does it all looking immaculate. A 8am meeting with a room full of highpowered suits, drinks at a plush, seductive bar with girlfriends, an intimate dinner at a discreetly luxurious restaurant, the ballet or a weekend ski trip, this exquisite collection fulfills all requirements with classic style and a touch of fun. There's absolutely no question that they would slide comfortably into one's wardrobe and establish themselves as the new firm favourites.

All images from Celine pre-fall 2010

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Renewed convictions & Overhauled motivations

The semester has re-opened and legal notes are piling up.
The first week went by as easily as a sulky toddler unwillingly dragged out of a toystore by his heels, kicking, screaming and protesting till he was red in the face. It's always hard to settle down to a fixed schedule especially following an amazing vacation where the sole challenging task was working out the different subway systems and their corresponding routes.
So the only proper thing to do was pop open some champagne, savour two glasses and a handful of cherries in anticipation of a 10am seminar bright and early the next morn. Oh the life.

*Also, adapted 'Mimosas' could be my new favourite. Pineapple juice with Champers works like a charm.

Someone sagely told me that keeping up with classes is like going to the gym. Once you skip a session you tend to make excuses to skip the next and then the next. Before you know it an entire semester has gone by, its time for the exams and all you've learnt is what was said in the two introductory sessions...

Here's to keeping in fabulous physical and mental shape!

Image 1 and 2 from wetbehindtheears, last 3 images from fashiongonerougue.

Sunday, January 10, 2010


Les parfum... so many out there it makes me a little dizzy. I'm searching for a new 'signature' scent and I need suggestions! Tell me, what are your current obsessions?

Images par Hanneli et cherry blossom girl

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Fancy restaurant weekend

This weekend, I feel, is all about having a Fancy meal out! Fancy!
There's something about the new year and starting things afresh that just calls for a celebratory long weekend lunch or dinner at a beautiful restaurant.
Warm ambience, attractively plated good food, vibrant flavours, sparkling conversation and loved ones at your side. Make a reservation or take your chances and extend an invitation to your spouse, darling Mum and sisters or a Best friend you haven't seen in ages.
I think it'll probably be Italian for me...I'm having a curious craving for squid ink pasta juxtaposed with thick white linens. Here's to a Happy and satiated weekend! Oh and perhaps restrain from scrutinising that check when it arrives...

{Accompanied with gorgeous paintings by artist Susan Cox- Moments in a day.}

Monday, January 4, 2010

Starting the New Year with some Shimmer!

I've been away touring eastern Europe, something I dreamt about doing for a long long time. Ended up in Berlin on New Year's eve and everything couldn't have been more fantastic! Now that I'm back, there will be more posts soon as I search for Fresh inspiration for the hopefully great year ahead. Since my vacation photos are frankly taking until 2011 to complete uploading, gorgeous art is my way to begin looking at the next 12 months in a beauitful beautiful way.

Richard Wright's recent Turner Prize winning piece was described to resemble 'a Mirage that might disappear at any moment.' Painted in glorious gold leaf over an entire wall in the Tate Britain, the symmetrical abstract design done in baroque style gently envelopes the surface with its incandescent, ethereal beauty.

Wright's work combines graphic imagery and intricate patterning from sources as varied as medieval painting, graphics and typography. The result is wonderfully exquisite and its almost heartbreaking to realise that all of it will be painted over as soon as a specified 'viewing term' is over. This is the artist's direction who said that he sometimes felt sad when his work was destroyed, but also relieved.
'This work is not for the future; it's for now'. Inspiring words for the New Year.