Monday, January 4, 2010

Starting the New Year with some Shimmer!

I've been away touring eastern Europe, something I dreamt about doing for a long long time. Ended up in Berlin on New Year's eve and everything couldn't have been more fantastic! Now that I'm back, there will be more posts soon as I search for Fresh inspiration for the hopefully great year ahead. Since my vacation photos are frankly taking until 2011 to complete uploading, gorgeous art is my way to begin looking at the next 12 months in a beauitful beautiful way.

Richard Wright's recent Turner Prize winning piece was described to resemble 'a Mirage that might disappear at any moment.' Painted in glorious gold leaf over an entire wall in the Tate Britain, the symmetrical abstract design done in baroque style gently envelopes the surface with its incandescent, ethereal beauty.

Wright's work combines graphic imagery and intricate patterning from sources as varied as medieval painting, graphics and typography. The result is wonderfully exquisite and its almost heartbreaking to realise that all of it will be painted over as soon as a specified 'viewing term' is over. This is the artist's direction who said that he sometimes felt sad when his work was destroyed, but also relieved.
'This work is not for the future; it's for now'. Inspiring words for the New Year.


  1. Sounds like a great trip. Can´t wait for mine.
    Richard Wright's work looks great!

  2. the gold leaf wall is beautiful! Very etheral. New to your blog - following you now!

    I'm featuring a new artist on my blog today! She's an emerging painter from Canada. Please check her out! And have a great weekend!

    xo, Jami