Saturday, January 16, 2010

Renewed convictions & Overhauled motivations

The semester has re-opened and legal notes are piling up.
The first week went by as easily as a sulky toddler unwillingly dragged out of a toystore by his heels, kicking, screaming and protesting till he was red in the face. It's always hard to settle down to a fixed schedule especially following an amazing vacation where the sole challenging task was working out the different subway systems and their corresponding routes.
So the only proper thing to do was pop open some champagne, savour two glasses and a handful of cherries in anticipation of a 10am seminar bright and early the next morn. Oh the life.

*Also, adapted 'Mimosas' could be my new favourite. Pineapple juice with Champers works like a charm.

Someone sagely told me that keeping up with classes is like going to the gym. Once you skip a session you tend to make excuses to skip the next and then the next. Before you know it an entire semester has gone by, its time for the exams and all you've learnt is what was said in the two introductory sessions...

Here's to keeping in fabulous physical and mental shape!

Image 1 and 2 from wetbehindtheears, last 3 images from fashiongonerougue.

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