Saturday, January 9, 2010

Fancy restaurant weekend

This weekend, I feel, is all about having a Fancy meal out! Fancy!
There's something about the new year and starting things afresh that just calls for a celebratory long weekend lunch or dinner at a beautiful restaurant.
Warm ambience, attractively plated good food, vibrant flavours, sparkling conversation and loved ones at your side. Make a reservation or take your chances and extend an invitation to your spouse, darling Mum and sisters or a Best friend you haven't seen in ages.
I think it'll probably be Italian for me...I'm having a curious craving for squid ink pasta juxtaposed with thick white linens. Here's to a Happy and satiated weekend! Oh and perhaps restrain from scrutinising that check when it arrives...

{Accompanied with gorgeous paintings by artist Susan Cox- Moments in a day.}

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