Friday, December 18, 2009

Joyeux Noël

A week to Noël and my mind inevitably turns to travel. Christmas in a foreign country is a funny little thing. On one hand it is undeniably refreshing -to see how other cultures celebrate the season, to experience the holiday in ways perhaps unfamiliar yet hiding a quiet hint of familiarity underneath it all. Yes, the oft used phrase is certainly true, we’re all so different yet in so many ways so much alike. Spending that time of year abroad is exciting, maybe a little strange but all the more enjoyable for it!
On the other hand as you might already have guessed, this displacement from the comforting surroundings of home can make one a tad sad. Not in a sorrowful way, merely melancholic. Thinking about all those near and dear a continent or two away causes a soft tinge even if the separation is but a temporary drop in time. This is when ‘cinematic reflection’ plays out in my mind- you know the scene.

Girl walks slowly along a bustling street gazing unseeingly into huge, gorgeously decorated store windows. She’s all bundled up, her cheeks are flushed with cold and long-lashed eyes shine as bright as the twinkling fairy lights hung around individual lamp posts. Snowflakes fall gently against the midnight blue sky and sweet sounding carols float in an embracing caress.
The mood is festive, the people around are boisterous, lively, happy and bien sur, in Love.
In love with life, in love with each other, in love with the spirit of the holidays, in love with Love. Perhaps helped along by a few merry tipples, the energy of the crowd is infectious and unwaveringly joyous. In that moment her mind wonders to the warmth of home…what would her loved ones be doing? Sipping indulgently thick hot chocolate by the fireplace? {Very unusually, in my family no one likes hot chocolate but me!}
Laughter fills the air and someone ultimately bumps into the girl jolting her back to the present {her reverie’s supposed to last a mere few seconds is all}. As her attention focuses on the beautiful atmosphere surrounding her, she suddenly realises ‘Ah! I can’t believe I’m really here in Paris/ Milan/ London/ New York/ Stockholm/ Shanghai/ Vienna/ Budapest’ How lucky I am to be in this magnificent city! What a special gift this is!’ {Oh, did I not mention I would be in Budapest this Christmas??} Nevertheless one’s thoughts always turn in the general direction of family and clichéd though it may be the ‘Christmas scene’ would have been properly fulfilled.

Wherever you are, Whatever you plan to do this Christmas, may it be a Very Very Merry one! Kisses.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Paradise in Arizona

Is anyone already thinking of a glamourous hotspot to spend New Years? Las Vegas maybe?
How about swopping one desert location for another and consider Arizona?

Drawing inspiration from the Garden of Eden, the MONDRIAN Scottsdale under the direction of designer Benjamin Noriega-Ortiz has become a Pink Paradise- glitzy, fashionable and a great place for a memorable party.
The Hotels' plan was to create a 'pleasure driven environment', mixing a little rest & rejuvenation with fun & entertainment. I'm not so sure about the former but if you're looking for the perfect location to have a weekend away with just the Girls, this might be it!
Have a serene experience at the Agua Spa and then drinks at the Red Bar perhaps? With a virtual red carpet of stenciled leaves and images of Adam and Eve, its a destination that urges you to discover 'abundant pleasures', be indulged, amused and ultimately swept away.

I wouldn't be surprised if Cosmo's were the tipple of choice here as well...

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Sonia Rykiel pour moi sil te plait

The show was such a success, Paris dan Paris! The city of lights re-created within the Grand Palais, touched by a magical wand [and a tireless creative team no doubt], transformed into a heightened fairytale version of the already amazing original.

Sonia Rykiel pour H&M will no doubt send frazzled christmas shoppers into more of a tizzy with their enticing collection of beautiful lingerie.
We can't all be sensous, smouldering Lara Stone but hey, isn't this the season for wishin' & hopin'?
Jean Paul Gautier summed it up perfectly, "Bravo Bravo Bravo!"

All images are screengrabs I did from the fashion show, you can watch it on H&M.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Red lips & Sexy hair

My usual routine is a fresh faced, almost nude look. I have fair skin so a bit of dewy glow, a touch of blush to add that becoming flush and peachy lips is my daily formula. Holiday season is the best time to jazz it up with gorgeous tousled hair and wicked red lips! My newly bought Estée Lauder Signature red is going to be put to good use. Its satiny and luscious, plus that elegant fluted gold tube is a great acessory in itself!

I realised while flipping through my never ending pile of fashion magazines that I was subconsciously searching for new ideas to up the ante on my hair. I adore the editorials with fabulously blown out hair, a little tangled, a little messy, a whole lot sexy! Mine is long, absurdly long and I'm straddling that deeply indecisive line between leaving it as it is or chopping it all off so it hits my chin. Oh, gut wrenching stuff!
Iekeliene looks sensational here, I think its definitely steal-worthy style and parfait for any party!

On another note, Pink Martini's Sympathique is my music for the festive season. french, fun et fantastique!

'Je ne veux pas travailler,
je ne veux pas déjeuner,
je veux seulement l'oublier et puis je fume... '

fashion gone rogue

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Some days, No words

Some days no words are needed.

par AGirl'sGarden

Friday, November 20, 2009

Sweet November

As November comes to a close, tell me, do you sometimes feel lost at this time of the year?
Its the quiet before the storm when you look forward with great Hope for the new year and also take a deep breath and think about what has gone before...

I always say 'the year flew by so quickly'! And then I try to compile a mental list of things that will hold perpetual significance to me.
What kind of year has it been for you? What dreams do you envision crystallising in 2010?

Images, all Etsy- emmarts, julieannis, NikitaJade, RichManVintage, julieannis.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Drawing Parallels

The Law
Forfeiture against Misbehavin' Tenants

the purpose is 'to give even tenants who have hitherto lacked the will or the means to comply with their obligations one last chance to summon up that will or find the necessary means before the landlord re-enters.'

This is the Court's gentle way of saying:

Mafia: [lay on the accent] So what did Jacky say to 'em?

Frightened small fry: I..I didn't hear anything boss! I swear!
I..I don't remember, I mean he didn't say anything!

Mafia: [laid back shrug] Ok, I'll tell you what Sonny,
how bout I give you one last chance to remember before...

Image shifts, the barest glint of a sharp, very sharp knife is shown.

Frightened small fry: [shaking in his boots, eyes widening comically]
No, No! Wait, wait I'll tell you everything! Just please please don't...

-The End-

Lovely artwork by aliette, a graphic designer from Paris.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Goldtoned Glamour

All dressed up with somewhere to go...
I'm loving an almost neutral palatte this week, a soothing balm to the milieu of my mind. Ivory, taupe, tan, beige, and of course the irresistable gold.

Images - the lovely Giedre Dukauskaite, cherryblossom girl, metropolitan home