Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Red lips & Sexy hair

My usual routine is a fresh faced, almost nude look. I have fair skin so a bit of dewy glow, a touch of blush to add that becoming flush and peachy lips is my daily formula. Holiday season is the best time to jazz it up with gorgeous tousled hair and wicked red lips! My newly bought Estée Lauder Signature red is going to be put to good use. Its satiny and luscious, plus that elegant fluted gold tube is a great acessory in itself!

I realised while flipping through my never ending pile of fashion magazines that I was subconsciously searching for new ideas to up the ante on my hair. I adore the editorials with fabulously blown out hair, a little tangled, a little messy, a whole lot sexy! Mine is long, absurdly long and I'm straddling that deeply indecisive line between leaving it as it is or chopping it all off so it hits my chin. Oh, gut wrenching stuff!
Iekeliene looks sensational here, I think its definitely steal-worthy style and parfait for any party!

On another note, Pink Martini's Sympathique is my music for the festive season. french, fun et fantastique!

'Je ne veux pas travailler,
je ne veux pas déjeuner,
je veux seulement l'oublier et puis je fume... '

fashion gone rogue


  1. I just bought my first real red lipstick, and sometimes I put it on when I'm cleaning my apartment in my pajamas. I love it THAT much. Now I need some serious holiday party invites so I can wear it in public! :)

  2. Oh, that completely strikes a chord with me! Its hilarious isn't it? I do the same with my make-up too!