Saturday, October 20, 2012

A Uniform of black and white

You know, if I could, I would be the type of girl who wore only black and white. Well, on some days that's the type of girl I think I'd like to be. There's something severe but quite alluring about sticking to a colour scheme that really conveys nothing about a person. It's secretive and mysterious, your personality hidden behind a a blank slate. These few weeks I've been addicted to this disciplined yet conversely easy combination.
It's important, I've discovered, to always keep your makeup impeccably fresh when working this palette. Skin that doesn't glow could easily slide towards the tired looking end of the scale and completely ruin the chic factor. A rosy blush is essential. And shiny healthy hair pulls everything together neatly. Black and white is graphic, whether worn structured or loosely draped and instantly creates an aura of power, faux or not.
It's my uniform of the moment but self awareness dictates that it won't be long before a blue blazer sneaks up on me!


Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A Thing of Beauty

Taking a bit of a mid week breather, I've dug up some old images that have been languishing in my archive folders. I've collected these pictures of wire and light fixtures for ages and am waiting to stumble across just the perfect phrase that would gain a permanent place on my walls, lighting up my life so to speak (bad pun, yes, but you knew it was coming). Surely you've seen the ones with naughty lines, infused with just the right amount of charming loopiness to make you consider hanging the mischevious words on the wall. And then there are the stark ones that simply spell out oops, or sorry, or I love you. While my heart still has not settled on a particular turn of phrase, this sentence below resonates for today. For the times when you are caught between two places, two directions, two people, two deadlines, or find yourself floundering somewhere in between, it's nice to think that it could be beautiful right Here.
Have a happy week!