Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fill in the...

Quick, make a wild guess! Which resort collection is this from?
Could have fooled me, judging by the the first five images or so would you have guessed Gap??
Keep scrolling further... ah it becomes clearer now. Denim is almost non existent. The original vibe I got was a wild mix of Celine thrown in with a touch of Michael Kors modern sportswear. Very cruise collection. I'm interested to see how this sophisticated take translates onto the store racks, definitely hope the quality stands up to the sleek simplicity displayed in the 'lookbook'. An item that has me excited are the shoes!
Did you notice? Its the same variation of chunky heeled, pointy toed, slightly prim, slightly sexy heels worn throughout.
If appearances aren't decieving, I'll be purchasing a pair in nude & coral and another in black & white. Patrick Robinson's attempt to shrug off anything ‘heritage’ is certainly commendable and I for one am eager to see the results of his refreshing changes!

images from fashionologie

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Bello appartamento & the Leaning tower

I've been thinking about apartments lately, consumed by ideas floating around in my head of how it would be decorated. Of course, I can never settle on a particular style. But I'm a Gemini so I blame it on the stars! I can't find fault with the rooms shown here though, a classic sanctuary with a bath overlooking the rooftops of Florence. Ah, la vita bella!

A funny story which admittedly felt rather sad at that time was my wide-eyed visit to the leaning tower of Pisa. A train ride followed by a very bumpy bus journey later, my family and I ended up at the foot of the iconic tower. Only I left out a single important fact, that it was raining cats and dogs!
Not to be daunted, I charged ahead seeking the entrance where my determined climb towards the top could be commenced.
It was unfortunately not to be.

I was yanked back by possibly paranoid parents who had done the maths and apparently arrived at an equation that wasn't to their liking. [eager children + crowds of pushy tourists + slick wet marble +Height! =disaster waiting to happen] Sigh, it didn't sound all that logical to me back then and honestly, still doesn't quite make sense today but my brother and I were handed the verdict. No appeals granted. The looming structure framed by dramatic storm clouds was an impressive sight! Taking photos with the obligatory 'special effects' were diverting but wholly unsatisfactory. I vowed to return someday.

Have a beautiful weekend!

Lonny mag JK hotel and Animale Spring 2011 Campaign

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Basking in a Blue period

For the longest time, my favourite colour was Blue. My school uniform was blue. I wore a pleated pinafore in deep blue over a neat white blouse to school every single day for as far back as I can remember. If I was asked about my favourite colour, I never hesitated. To me, it brings to mind associations with loyalty, royalty, intelligence and the sea. A funny mish mash but there it is. I also liked Picasso's work from his Blue period, the doleful quality evoked not unwelcome feelings of gentle melancholy in me. Now I prefer non colours, dramatic black, comfortable grey, all shades of cream and taupe. But going through the images I've collected, the sparkling shades of Blue pulled me back. There's a reason the sky is blue I think, aside from the Science of the matter, its a tone that makes everything else look good!

I've decided its going to be a beautiful blue week and I'm determined to enjoy it!From the unlawfully beautiful Diane Kruger basking in the Parisian sun with her classic Chanel pumps, to the blend of masculinity and subdued glamour in the study room.

From the vibrant panels creating a soothing nook in the corner of a home, to Julia Roberts in her jeans and sweet ballerina flats co-ordinating nicely with the pair of nuns!

And of course, the familar image of Carrie Bradshaw's single girl apartment, awash in an uplifting blue and finished with girlish accents and an Art wall.

PS. for those who read my last post, I actually just won a Best Speaker award! Couldn't be more ecstatic! Thank you everyone who left nice comments:)

pictures from some of my old files & elle decor

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Pinnacle of Academia

I'm still in shock now, which is perhaps an improvement over the trembling nerves that I was overwhelmed with yesterday! 4 inch heels didn't help, believe me. I never believed in 'lucky' dresses before but this particular Black one that I bought specially for my presentation definitely contained a little magic! On the topic of public speaking, I know its a fear for many but an act that I uncomprehendingly relish. I've always volunteered for them. Surprising because I'm actually more of an introvert. But I think a roomful of silent people encouraged me to make my voice heard, to speak my mind, to communicate and then to watch carefully for a response in their faces. The speeches I've made mark occasions in my life that I would never forget.
But back to yesterday night. It wasn't even that important a presentation in the grand scheme of things, but 5 important people had been invited to judge and I was a mess. My part was over in the first half hour, I was one of eight to speak. After the 3 hour session, I was packing up to leave when Someone came to speak to me. A very very important Someone, the Most important Someone out of the mentioned panel of 5. He complimented my style, the way I carried myself and put forth my ideas with clarity. He admired the fact that I could think extremely well on my feet when taking questions. A talent that usually takes alot of time and experience to cultivate, he said.
I nodded dumbly, eyes glazed over. He was a head honcho. I was an insignificant Law student. It was the absolute pinnacle of my academic life!
Images POP and sonia sieff

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

En pointe and off to the Parthenon

My first question when I saw the Chloé Spring collection was- Where were the Chloé girls? What happened to the line up? Sasha, Raquel, Liu wen, Constance, Hanne gaby? All the top girls who did the Fall collection were conspicuously missing this time round. Thankfully there was Freja who looked unbelievable as usual. The collection on a whole this time seems fairly low key. While I didn't spot any 'lust' or 'must' pieces, the prettily draped greek goddess dresses will probably be shown off quite well by a few celebrities walking the red carpet.

The sleeveless structured leather top paired with form fitting pencil skirt in black and the same top in nude paired with the pleated floaty skirt (below) was probably my two favourites, I can't discern if they are a two piece set but I suspect they are a single garment, separated only by a sharp, decisive slit across the middle for that barest glimpse of bare midriff.

Otherwise, an elegant red wool coat also provided a nice jolt of colour that was echoed in the small hand held pouches. Ballet shoes made a very welcome sight. I wear them all the time and I'm glad that Chloé now gives me good reason not to feel guilt at ignoring my heels.

What do you think about Chloé's latest presentation? Liked it or not, at least the burnished, sun warmed make up will fulfill perfectly tanned aspirations until the next Summertime.

Chloé Spring 2011 Ready-to-Wear

Monday, October 4, 2010

'Sightseeing' In Europe

You've probably seen these a hundred times, snapshots of the fashion week flurry by Tommy Ton. I couldn't resist though, these delectable details that he captures as the beautiful gazelles stalk pass, hurrying from one euphoric event to another.
Forget the tourist traps, if you're anywhere in the vicinity, you've got your 'sightseeing' schedule covered! What could better than taking in the incredible force of nature that is fashion week?