Wednesday, October 6, 2010

En pointe and off to the Parthenon

My first question when I saw the Chloé Spring collection was- Where were the Chloé girls? What happened to the line up? Sasha, Raquel, Liu wen, Constance, Hanne gaby? All the top girls who did the Fall collection were conspicuously missing this time round. Thankfully there was Freja who looked unbelievable as usual. The collection on a whole this time seems fairly low key. While I didn't spot any 'lust' or 'must' pieces, the prettily draped greek goddess dresses will probably be shown off quite well by a few celebrities walking the red carpet.

The sleeveless structured leather top paired with form fitting pencil skirt in black and the same top in nude paired with the pleated floaty skirt (below) was probably my two favourites, I can't discern if they are a two piece set but I suspect they are a single garment, separated only by a sharp, decisive slit across the middle for that barest glimpse of bare midriff.

Otherwise, an elegant red wool coat also provided a nice jolt of colour that was echoed in the small hand held pouches. Ballet shoes made a very welcome sight. I wear them all the time and I'm glad that Chloé now gives me good reason not to feel guilt at ignoring my heels.

What do you think about Chloé's latest presentation? Liked it or not, at least the burnished, sun warmed make up will fulfill perfectly tanned aspirations until the next Summertime.

Chloé Spring 2011 Ready-to-Wear


  1. love the bright pop of red among all the muted neutrals!

  2. I'm loving the asymmetrical dresses! Have a lovely weekend, Kellie xx

  3. Freja is one of myfavourite models, she always look stunning. I found the Chloé collection elegant, inspired by dancers and very feminine, but a bit boring since I´m quite tired of everything minamilistic. As well as being tired of all mitch matching of prints.

  4. great choice in images!!

    love the whole minimalism look!

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    wud lov to know wot u think!

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