Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Basking in a Blue period

For the longest time, my favourite colour was Blue. My school uniform was blue. I wore a pleated pinafore in deep blue over a neat white blouse to school every single day for as far back as I can remember. If I was asked about my favourite colour, I never hesitated. To me, it brings to mind associations with loyalty, royalty, intelligence and the sea. A funny mish mash but there it is. I also liked Picasso's work from his Blue period, the doleful quality evoked not unwelcome feelings of gentle melancholy in me. Now I prefer non colours, dramatic black, comfortable grey, all shades of cream and taupe. But going through the images I've collected, the sparkling shades of Blue pulled me back. There's a reason the sky is blue I think, aside from the Science of the matter, its a tone that makes everything else look good!

I've decided its going to be a beautiful blue week and I'm determined to enjoy it!From the unlawfully beautiful Diane Kruger basking in the Parisian sun with her classic Chanel pumps, to the blend of masculinity and subdued glamour in the study room.

From the vibrant panels creating a soothing nook in the corner of a home, to Julia Roberts in her jeans and sweet ballerina flats co-ordinating nicely with the pair of nuns!

And of course, the familar image of Carrie Bradshaw's single girl apartment, awash in an uplifting blue and finished with girlish accents and an Art wall.

PS. for those who read my last post, I actually just won a Best Speaker award! Couldn't be more ecstatic! Thank you everyone who left nice comments:)

pictures from some of my old files & elle decor


  1. Love the images, and blue is one of the greatest colours.

  2. such a beautiful post! Blue is so fabulous, and I really enjoy the images you've shown here -- especially the first :)

    have a great blue week*

  3. I just discovered your French-inspired blog and it's gorgeous. Being somewhat of a Francophile myself, I'll be following from now on - would be lovely if you stopped by my blog and followed me too.

    Andrea X

  4. I agree, I love black. Its my favorite colour.
    I used to love blue too, but now its all greys, blacks for me.
    Great blog btw, just kinda stumbled onto it! I'll be back, its rad! Panda xo

  5. oh! i love diana kruger's photo!!!

    i just bumped into your blog! it's so cute!

    xoxo from rome

  6. thanku so much for commenting on my blog!

    the finale was I think good and bad... talk about a big hiccup in live television!

    loving your blog posts!!

    keep in touch. xx


  7. i love diane kruger's photo, it's perfect wow xx


  8. love the pic of julia and diane...
    and of course...carrie´s apartment? i would kill for it!

  9. nothing beats blue :D



  10. never thought of blue wall but this is exceptionally beautiful xx

  11. these pictures are fantastic!!!I love this blog!
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