Friday, December 31, 2010

Cheers to a brand new Chapter!

Dear everyone,
Have a very happy New Year! As we head warily or in an enthusiastic headlong dash into 2011, I'm sure we're all thinking about what we hope to do, see and experience in the next 12 months. I'd love to travel a whole lot more, throw myself into different cultures, get into crazy experiences and live to tell the tale...
I hope the path ahead would be a good one in terms of work and a career. Of course, I wish only the best for my family and great friends. I've been blessed this year and though I'm unsure about what's to come, I face the next year with alot of hope and big, bright dreams!
May the stars in your eyes never fade away.

With all my love
from fgr

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Beach bend & Sun worshipping

I recieved the most Marvelous news today that just about sent me into one of these impossible backbends! I took yoga for a year and believe me, these downward dogs and balancing poses ain't that relaxing. But, I'm typing like mad because my transport is here and I'm just about ready for another jet setting adventure. Spending the last precious few days of the fast fading year with my family! Time together is rare these days and hopefully we'll have some good fun. So, its going to be a long flight to Turkey but I'm looking forward to exploring a part of the world I haven't yet set foot in. Will be back on the 31st!

See you soon...

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Back in Three


Random words, prettily strung but it does capture the gist of a whirlwind 7 day trip perfectly!
That prelude also explains why apologies are needed for the sudden absence - internet access as you can guess was sketchy throughout the trip but it was such a gloriously refreshing vacation that I have absolutely no complains!

Antwerp was a gem of a city. Easy to explore by foot and just beautiful especially this season with the dazzling christmas lights. I also fell in love with an elegant, warm brasserie quite simply named The Bistro which we chanced upon while strolling towards the Rubens House just a few steps away. We started the chilly but sunny day pacing across Ruben's studio surrounded by his lively and inspiring works, saw his personal art collection and viewed paintings bearing the touch of his pupil, the equally masterful Anthony van Dyck, then only a young nineteen year old.
Unfortunately the second level was closed for refurbishment and so it was a short visit followed by a luxurious early lunch!

The Bistro is one of those places where you can't help trying to discreetly ogle every plate that passes by. 'Look, what do you think he's having? It looks like fish. Which one is it on the menu?' or 'No, see that? It looks so good. I think it could be a salad. But its so pretty!'. 'Wow, that steak. Oh my god. Sooo delicious...'
I have to admit, if you were a fly at our table, that would have been the running commentary, as un-intellectual as it sounds. The food tasted as good as it looked too. The father and son duo seated next to us actually turned around excitedly to give two thumbs up when they cut into their dish of lamb. The plates were all dressed up with such vibrant flourish that this was definitely my idea of a very happy meal!

After that it was a short walk to MOMU, the fashion museum where there was an exhibit of hats by the famed British milliner, Stephen Jones. Having collaborated for runway headgear with the likes of John Galliano, Jean Paul Gaultier, Christian Dior, Azzedine Alaïa and Comme des Garçons, it was unsurprising that the displays were over the top, fantastical and fuelled by flights of fancy! It was amusing that a big group of white haired ladies in their 60's were also taking in the exhibit at the same time, tottering behind a guide that was explaining the extravagant designs.

Being us, we had to pop into Le pain Quotidien for some steaming hot chocolate accompanied by bites of brownies before stopping in envious contemplation in front of Dries Van Noten's black and gold store windows. Later, a brisk walk to the river Scheldt and up the lookout flanked by dignified lions. A puzzled pause while gazing upon the Brabo statue, a quiet moment in the Cathedral of our Lady and we wrapped up the day with hot fries in a paper cone doused with mayonnaise!

I could tell you all about our close shave with the student riots in London or the Kashmir protests we witnessed in front of the Berlaymont in Brussels but let's leave all that for another time? I have a decadent box of Marcolini truffles awaiting...

Love, C.

Louis Vuitton Cruise 2011 Look Book

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Swan Lake

I usually try to take in a Ballet once a year. Not always during the christmas season of course but my favourite memory by far was watching The Nutcracker performed by the NewYork City ballet.
Leaving Lincoln Center and coming out into the dark after the show to find fine falling petals of snow was truly unforgettable.
It made everyone so happy! The quiet, combined joy of a crowd after a flawless, soaringly beautiful evening.
It was nature's encore and the best way to end the night.
Strolling back to bed enveloped by light, cold kisses of snowflakes and the evocative music still playing its track in my mind.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Mes amis...


i'm going to twirl in circles and never stop
round and round like a spinning top
toss my hair and prance and shout
life's a treat, it'll all work out

Dearies, what are your plans for the rest of the week?

from fgr

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A drop in time

Embracing Sheer serenity and A stitch in Time...

Plus- tell me, what are you buying for Christmas?
[we all deserve a little gift to ourselves, no?]

net a porter

Friday, November 19, 2010

Grrr in Swahili

Meet Mabaka!! Isn't she the most beautiful African leopard? I'm convinced she would make the best christmas present ever! Or maybe not. But right now she looks so heart warmingly sweet and cuddly.
I love Big cats! Tigers, lions, panthers, leopards...the Predators. To me, they look warm with their forthright behaviour and pools of dark golden eyes. I once petted a huge white tiger though it was in Vegas and at a magic show so that might not count! But on a trip to South Africa, I got to carry 6 tiger cubs and feed them with a huge milk bottle! That was one of the most exciting things ever. They were Mabaka's size and had such soulful {or hungry} gazes that it completely melts your heart.

Here's the twist, I have to admit to a rather puzzling fear. I was scratched by a stray black cat when I was five! My grandma had taken me to the market and I accidentally tripped over the tail of a cat who had been sleeping under some boxes. As you can guess, it awoke snarling and gave me a nasty scratch on my leg! I still remember being told to wait at a bench in a nearby park while my grandma went to find some medicated cream. I spent the time examining the red claw marks in a daze. I've had a fear of all tabby cats ever since! Pictures of 'cute' kittens with their too light eyes give me the chills. Inexplicable as it seems, there you have it! Fear of the opposite. Do you have any unexplainable phobias?

J crew

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Loopy Louboutin

It had to be done. Hazy iPhone pictures but in my defence, this is probably a true representation since my eyes had glazed over when faced with this sight! Four pointy-toed stiletto 100mm heels with glossy Red soles! I had stumbled into Monsieur Louboutin's Wacky World.

Asked: Why did you start putting red at the bottom of your shoes?
Christian Louboutin's Answer: It is a green light "follow me young man!". Style with the colour of passion.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Cool couple

I could have come up with something more imaginative for the title but looking at these pictures, a cool couple seems to be exactly what they are. Fun loving too I would guess! What originally caught my eye when I was flipping through The Selby's book was her beauty and their quirky style. Assuming she must be an actress or model or someone in Fashion (yes with a capital F), reading the description and then finding out that I had in fact gotten the couple's occupations reversed was unexpected!

This is Jennifer and Derrick. He is in fashion design. She is an Architect! Well, architect/interior designer which would explain her great style. Weren't you surprised as well? And don't you love her Kimono robe? And don't you think you might have seen Clémence Poésy in an image with a top hat just like that?
Have to dash off now but have a wonderful week everybody!