Monday, November 15, 2010

Cool couple

I could have come up with something more imaginative for the title but looking at these pictures, a cool couple seems to be exactly what they are. Fun loving too I would guess! What originally caught my eye when I was flipping through The Selby's book was her beauty and their quirky style. Assuming she must be an actress or model or someone in Fashion (yes with a capital F), reading the description and then finding out that I had in fact gotten the couple's occupations reversed was unexpected!

This is Jennifer and Derrick. He is in fashion design. She is an Architect! Well, architect/interior designer which would explain her great style. Weren't you surprised as well? And don't you love her Kimono robe? And don't you think you might have seen Clémence Poésy in an image with a top hat just like that?
Have to dash off now but have a wonderful week everybody!


  1. love thees :D


  2. Love the pics! And I love her kimono thing to!

  3. ow they are really beautiful people :)

  4. they are too cute! thank you for visiting our blog & leaving comments!!

    xo, camilla & valerie

  5. Lovely boots, can never get enough. Great blog too.


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