Tuesday, December 18, 2012

For the Girl like me

A Blue and Gold theme for Christmas this year feels ultra lux. I've got the bells and whistles but with a tree decorated in shades of gold, it keeps the mood very grown up and yet definitely festive. I wasn't surprised when my Christmas shopping didn't veer very far from the colour I have loved the entire year. At the moment, my jewelry collection consists of a rose gold Eddie Borgo crystal cone bracelet, an Alexis Bittar cuff, and this Tiffany Somerset bangle. A few smaller Gorjana pieces and an Aurelie Bidermann ring round up my constants for the past 12 months. I like the weight of the beautiful metal, the subtle gleam and the touch of extravagance that gold adds to any simple outfit. I'm awfully happy this Christmas and incredibly Thankful for how wonderful things have been this year. I can't say I need much more except to relax and count the remaining days till it's time for presents and a feast!

par Lonny, Eddie Borgo, Tiffany & Co.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Alexander Wang - pulling up those bootstraps

Alexander Wang for Balenciaga? I haven't had time to properly mull it over but on the accessory front, the one thing that the two brands definitely have in common is the way those 'it' bags fly off the shelf. Whether you're a committed Balenciaga classic fan or an A. Wang Rocco devotee, they've both been smashing successes and have cemented their status on the arms of many a fashion folk. Eclipsed only perhaps by the Celine luggage. In the meantime, these fantastic Alexander Wang boots have definitely won my heart. The cut-out heel gives it an undeniable edge and make the black boots an every day classic - but not. It's strong, it's sexy, it's deceptively understated with an unexpected kick. That sentence might have been a roundabout way of saying I need these on my feet. Thoughts?

Saturday, November 17, 2012

My Day to Day

I don't typically post alot of personal pictures but the compulsion to take random shots of beautiful objects and environments has been intensified with the festive season and I seem to be permanently soaking up the decorations and prettily packaged gifts through the lens of my cameraphone. There really has been quite a long radio silence on the blog which is, embarrassingly, not uncommon whenever I'm immersed in a new project. But yes, its because I'm currently working on a Giant thing at the moment and so apologies for not being more present. Therapy talk aside, here are some pictures from my phone. My candle obsession has clearly reached dizzying heights. I spent ages at Penhaligon's the other day mulling over the Earl Grey and Malabah candles and at last count, I found 5 Diptyque ones in my room. Scentwise, it's Aubépine, Mimosa, Violette, Myrrhe, Figuier. And a Le Labo Santal. So other than being 'the one most likely to start a fire in her apartment complex', that's my update for the moment. Enjoy!

All images, my own.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

A Uniform of black and white

You know, if I could, I would be the type of girl who wore only black and white. Well, on some days that's the type of girl I think I'd like to be. There's something severe but quite alluring about sticking to a colour scheme that really conveys nothing about a person. It's secretive and mysterious, your personality hidden behind a a blank slate. These few weeks I've been addicted to this disciplined yet conversely easy combination.
It's important, I've discovered, to always keep your makeup impeccably fresh when working this palette. Skin that doesn't glow could easily slide towards the tired looking end of the scale and completely ruin the chic factor. A rosy blush is essential. And shiny healthy hair pulls everything together neatly. Black and white is graphic, whether worn structured or loosely draped and instantly creates an aura of power, faux or not.
It's my uniform of the moment but self awareness dictates that it won't be long before a blue blazer sneaks up on me!


Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A Thing of Beauty

Taking a bit of a mid week breather, I've dug up some old images that have been languishing in my archive folders. I've collected these pictures of wire and light fixtures for ages and am waiting to stumble across just the perfect phrase that would gain a permanent place on my walls, lighting up my life so to speak (bad pun, yes, but you knew it was coming). Surely you've seen the ones with naughty lines, infused with just the right amount of charming loopiness to make you consider hanging the mischevious words on the wall. And then there are the stark ones that simply spell out oops, or sorry, or I love you. While my heart still has not settled on a particular turn of phrase, this sentence below resonates for today. For the times when you are caught between two places, two directions, two people, two deadlines, or find yourself floundering somewhere in between, it's nice to think that it could be beautiful right Here.
Have a happy week!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Poet, Intellectual, Romantic, Dreamer

No matter how familiar I am with the surroundings, the romanticised little vignettes never fail to make me reevaluate. Almost recalibrate. I think when we become entrenched in a particular place, in a routine, in the bustle, the noise and dirt and daily frustrations, we lose the rose tint and trade it for grey. Clichés, for all intents and purposes, rekindles the spark.
I realised that as I was cataloging these images, I unthinkly labelled them pause, linger, read, scribble, wonder, look, ponder. Sure, it could be the backdrop of Paris that makes such editorials an enduring staple. But beyond that, it's the idealised Life associated with Paris that tugs at our heartstrings. The life of the poet, the intellectual, the romantic, the dreamer. Having experienced Sorbonne nurtured philosophy, I can attest to carefree days being quite tainted by papers and actual research. What I'm trying to say is that it doesn't have to be Paris and it doesn't have to be endless days of sitting in cafes and strolling the streets. All we have to do is find some time, once in a while, to Live these lost moments. To retrieve the magic in our days and pause, linger, read, scribble, wonder, look and ponder.
Enjoy your weekend loves.

par shopbop

Sunday, September 2, 2012

A few good rays...

Weekends are for brunches, beautifully poached eggs and gossip. Weekends are for art. And weekends are definitely for catching a few good rays. Beachside or Poolside, as long as you're armed with a hat (maison michel), sunscreen (la roche-posay), book (take your pick) and....iphone (who are we kidding), I'll say you're all set! Now I'm off to follow my three simple rules for the day!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Two weeks to Fashion week

With two more weeks to go, are you already looking forward to more beauty and inspiration at Fashion Week? I personally love backstage glimpses, the quiet moments amidst the storm. The candids and the friendships. Here's a start.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Best Concert Ever!

Of course, you immediately know what I'm talking about. The closing ceremony of the London 2012 Olympics was rocking fantastic! All that great music jammed into one amazing venue, filled with the most unbelievable people, all in one utterly glorious night! All the British Greats, legendary musicians, bands and even supermodels came out to play. Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell strutted their stuff on the largest catwalk ever, accompanied by Stella Tennant, Karen Elson, Lily Cole, Lily Donaldson, Georgia Jagger, Jourdan Dunn and yes, even David Gandy. Too bad one of my favourite iconic Brit models, Agyness Deyn wasn't there. And then there was the SPICE Girls. Quite the highlight for me I must say, it definitely took me back. All five looked fabulous! The Adele rumours unfortunately were not true but since she's pregnant it wasn't a huge surprise that she couldn't be there to perform. Wouldn't that have been the cherry on top though? The Brazilian segment brought more beauty in the form of Victoria's Secret model Alessandra Ambrosio, the much adored football star Pelé and lively, traditional drumbeats. Goodbye London, it's been so lovely. See you at the Carnival in Rio!

Friday, August 3, 2012

White Shirts and Black Ties

I've been indulging a major white shirt obsession lately. A search through my collection the other day revealed that my affection for this particular type of clothing is challenging the limits of my closet. The specially designated 'white shirt' section has burst its seams and is tugging on the sleeves of its 'checkered shirt' companions. Not that I mind with so many great brands making their version of the classic. Pure cotton or pure silk, they are a delight to put on in the early mornings and sharpens your entire look with a hint of formality. Theory's shirts never fail me. Carven's are beautiful, Boy by Band of Outsiders' are a new discovery and Acne and Equipment make ones that are always a pleasure to wear. When I need a boost on barely awake days, I reach for two things. A white shirt and a double shot latte. A lethal combination but it works!

images from Russh, last image Karla Spetic

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Everything is Fresh after the Rain

Amazing day! Lots of bright sunshine, giddy laughter and good old fun. Really needs to happen more often I think.
In other news, I've recently become obsessed with trying new skincare and makeup products. Organic ones especially because they feel so fresh and light and also smell so good. Anything that makes the skin glow from within while looking like you have no product on is a definite winner. I like a clean face. Touch of highlighter, soft pink blush in a natural hue that can also be rubbed onto lips and nothing heavy on the eyes. The barest wisp of perfume that evokes the scent of meadows after a bout of rain, and then out the door.

Images from la perla and russh