Friday, August 3, 2012

White Shirts and Black Ties

I've been indulging a major white shirt obsession lately. A search through my collection the other day revealed that my affection for this particular type of clothing is challenging the limits of my closet. The specially designated 'white shirt' section has burst its seams and is tugging on the sleeves of its 'checkered shirt' companions. Not that I mind with so many great brands making their version of the classic. Pure cotton or pure silk, they are a delight to put on in the early mornings and sharpens your entire look with a hint of formality. Theory's shirts never fail me. Carven's are beautiful, Boy by Band of Outsiders' are a new discovery and Acne and Equipment make ones that are always a pleasure to wear. When I need a boost on barely awake days, I reach for two things. A white shirt and a double shot latte. A lethal combination but it works!

images from Russh, last image Karla Spetic


  1. I agree... you can't go wrong with a simple white shirt! COS do good ones too!

  2. I'm absolutely obsessed with this post,babe!Wow!;)