Friday, February 24, 2012

Sunshine on my face

I get a short break this week. Qualified by the unbelievable mountain of things jostling for space on my unticked list. When you have a 20,000 word deadline looming, its hard to recall the joy of writing. Nevertheless, I've been searching for a perfect bicycle having suddenly been seized by the inexplicable urge to go cycling. Of feeling long tensed muscles slowly start to relax from the combination of continuous movement and deep breathing. While doing so, I'll hopefully feel a generous trickle of gentle sunlight on my face, providing instant inspiration and moving my fingers to tap out a fluid beat. So when the new week begins, I'll be roaring to go.

Monday, February 20, 2012


When you shouldn't but you really should....
Breakfast for anytime of the day is a marvellous thing.
Do you hate it when a breakfast joint with fantastic food makes shamefully miserable coffee? And do you then, like I do occasionally, make the difficult decision to settle for a place with a heavenly brew but forgettable food? I can certainly hold my tea but you'll agree, nothing quite goes with grease like a good cup of coffee.

from gilttaste

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's!

Here's a snap of the sweet little flower stand that can be found outside the ACE hotel in nyc, I love taking random pictures of the different blooms that they display on a particular day. A pretty wildflower bouquet for Valentine's day won't hurt a bit. So if I may, what are your plans for today?
I've been reminded of a fabulous Tiramisu recipe that I used to whip up but have neglected for far too long. Aside from flattering light and a smouldering gaze, the plan for Valentine's in the midst of a busy schedule remains vague. Looking at these gorgeous images however, I think sexy, tousled hair and a fashionably striking shoe is exactly the right direction to go for a day of romp and romance!
Bisous my loves.

- my photograph of flower stand, Diane Kruger in Madame Figaro

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Copenhagen: Continued.

It's amazing how radiantly blue the sky is in these pictures yet when I captured them, my fingers were almost immovable through my leather gloves and my face was buried so deep in my thick woollen scarf that I could've smothered myself. And that was the warmest of days. Being in Copenhagen, a visit to the Carlsberg breweries was in order. In their stables lived the tallest horses I've ever seen. The Radisson Blu was a destination that I really wanted to pop into, being a huge Arne Jacobsen fan. I wish I could have dragged one of the vibrant red Swan chairs home with me! Sandwiches at Meyers Deli kept me happily moving and is perfectly located in Magasin du Nord with easy access to the entire shopping street. Simply had to stop in at Georg Jensen, I am in love with the Fusion 3.1 ring. What can I say, Freja models their jewellry perfectly in the campaigns. Now when can I revisit fantastic Copenhagen?

- all photos by me

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Destination: Copenhagen!

København! Much colder than what I'm used to but how glorious when the sun comes out! It was my first visit to Copenhagen but it is a city that gently envelops you with its magnificent design, culture, architecture, and cuisine yet never theatens to overwhelm. Quiet beauty is how I would describe the city. There isn't an excess of noise or people that forms the backdrop of many a cosmopolitan city, although fashionweek might be the only exception. I was determined to play tourist and take in as much of the lovely town as possible even though it was a woefully short trip. You'll be seeing more pictures soon!
PS. tea and cakes served on Royal Copenhagen porcelain takes high tea to a whole new level.

-all photos by me.