Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's!

Here's a snap of the sweet little flower stand that can be found outside the ACE hotel in nyc, I love taking random pictures of the different blooms that they display on a particular day. A pretty wildflower bouquet for Valentine's day won't hurt a bit. So if I may, what are your plans for today?
I've been reminded of a fabulous Tiramisu recipe that I used to whip up but have neglected for far too long. Aside from flattering light and a smouldering gaze, the plan for Valentine's in the midst of a busy schedule remains vague. Looking at these gorgeous images however, I think sexy, tousled hair and a fashionably striking shoe is exactly the right direction to go for a day of romp and romance!
Bisous my loves.

- my photograph of flower stand, Diane Kruger in Madame Figaro

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