Friday, November 5, 2010

Sparkling minds and none too graceful Swans

The exam season is possibly worse than flu season- complete with lousy food and the desire to huddle up in bed, curl yourself into a tight ball and pull the covers over your head, Never Ever to emerge again! As far as I'm concerned, exam fever is equivalent to having chicken pox. Yes, definitely on par with that itchy scratchy feeling of absolute restlessness, frustration with trying to reach that niggling spot and the general feeling of illness.

My revision schedule is adrenaline driven. I speed towards the finish line taking every dangerous turn and unreasonable risks knowing full well that the end result could end in glorious triumph or disaster on a grand scale. In the past I have been inspired to pen short poems like this or this.
This time, my sullen spirits were lifted when I came upon this set of images, glimpses into a home flitting pass like a short film. If I had to be enclosed, a surrounding so peaceful and stunningly beautiful would surely be the answer to my ailments! A sparkling body of water to complete the view and clean minimalist lines, a soothing pleasure to fatigued eyes. Wide spaces and fresh flowers to ease one's tensions and a graceful Arne Jacobson swan chair to cradle tired backs. If I had to hit the books, oh to do so in a dwelling as lovely as this...


  1. I loooooove it :)))))


  2. beautiful images. the clean lines/colours feel really calming. good luck with the exams! it will be over before you know it! xx

  3. Oh I also got it, exam flu that is. Not that I have exam but many many hand ins which instantly means no sleep for a month. Oh dear, god luck to us.

  4. thanks! those spaces are so beautiful!

  5. beautiful!! Thank you so much for your lovely comment, it made my day haha I´ve got an earworm of that song too lol. Dont forget to follow me!

    Redhead In Law