Thursday, April 15, 2010

Clarity and Discipline

I do my work in black and whites
I think in the realm of grey
I daydream in hopeless bursts of colour
it sometimes fills me with dismay

Never the twain shall meet you say
Oui, je sais. C'est vrai
but will reality ever meet the dream?
sincerely, I hope Someday

Its become a tradition of sorts to share some of my struggles with you whenever its 'That' time of the year when papers fly and books take precedence. A petite poem this year where its literary meaning might disguise my quiet desires. It came to me in a moment and I was surprised at how its simplicity revealed much of my inner contemplation. A contrast to my complexities.

How often do you question yourself only to think that perhaps constant questioning is good?

{Enjoy the beautiful pictures.}

image par fashionising


  1. Gorgeous photos--- the white is surreal- makes them look like otherworldly creatures!

  2. loved that editorial :)
    loving the blog - great posts
    stop by some time!

  3. those images are something else... very impressed!!! have a great weekend!

  4. These pictures are perfect in my opinion! and i love Sasha!! Thanks so much for sharing- never seen them before xx