Monday, April 12, 2010

Comptoir des Cotonniers

These girls, they epitomise insouciance.
The kind of throw this on with that other thing, a shake of the 'i didn't do anything' but it looks perfectly tossed hair, a slick of some lip gloss and out the door looking like they stepped out of an editorial girls. You secretly want to hate them but they're funny, caring, impossibly sweet and they let you borrow their you just can't.

Comptoir des Cotonniers has captured that essence perfectly with their latest looks, the many steps of getting ready, lounging around the house, enjoying the entire, heady, dressing up process. These kind of lookbooks are my favourites, I can't decide if I like the clothes or the really cool interiors more! I'm dying to scrutinise the chic apartment- the mirrors, the pieces of art, the little photographs leaning against the wall, the trinkets on the bureau. I guess this is the idea, the environment doesn't look too perfect, its a touch messy, its comfortable and familiar, its filled with things that could have come from thrifts stores, precious personal items, its basically like my room.

The message is this is my space, this is where I pull on my outfits in the day, where I do my work or relax, these are the clothes I want in my wardrobe. Have I actually forgotten to mention the highly covetable clothes? The boyish military inspired pieces, the classic trench, the sharp black and whites, the billowy cotton tops for spring. Yes, these are the clothes I want hanging in my wardrobe...

Comptoir des Cotonniers spring 2010


  1. Gorgeous! That trench especially is absolute perfection. These are the clothes I want hanging in my closet too...sigh. xoxo katie

  2. oh its all so sleek chic! i especially love the parisian pink shirt with the billowed sleeves....


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