Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Compositions of a bookish mind

today my life stops again, everything comes to halt
me against the stopwatch, if luck stays kindly true
my mettle will be tested and I'll prove worth my salt

but nothing will be easy
as i struggle to unearth the time i stole
it hinges on sheer mental strength
And how much my brain will grudgingly hold

5 minutes to eat and 10 for a shower
are there ration coupons?

oh the lazy devil perched gingerly upon my shoulder
what have you again dragged me into
I never should listen but inevitably do
and now the debtors' come to knock

I counted stacks of fearsome books, a white mountain on my desk
warnings of an avalanche leaves little time to rest
musical lyrics and pretty rhymes unceremoniously tossed out
make room for analytical cases and black and white results

the story that gets repeated time and time again
but I do it grimly to myself over and over the same
at least I clearly see the unhappy task ahead
no perambulation through the park
no flowers with tiny pollen that makes tired eyes smart

come December I'll be free to dream
there'll be space for yards of ribbons and lace
to view the world like a sweet polaroid
and never worry about the race.

I'll huddle in bed and snuggle down warmly
and hibernate like a big brown bear
I'll drink honey and read fluffy books and never have a care

I'll let the days past quickly,
run into each other like a murky blur
fill my head with cotton candy and never deign to stir

But for now the work begins
like digging in a diamond cave
its tiring and risky,
largely a game of chance.
For thirsty days you yield nothing,
not a speck of dust
but the gem you may discover might reinstate your trust.

Images- Beaniie, Here Comes the Sun, AudreyHepburn Complex, wetbehindtheears, toast, Google Reader


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  2. what a lovely poem! well written indeed!

  3. I loved that poem!!
    and your blog is really good

  4. Thank You! I'm glad you guys enjoyed it:)