Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Pinnacle of Academia

I'm still in shock now, which is perhaps an improvement over the trembling nerves that I was overwhelmed with yesterday! 4 inch heels didn't help, believe me. I never believed in 'lucky' dresses before but this particular Black one that I bought specially for my presentation definitely contained a little magic! On the topic of public speaking, I know its a fear for many but an act that I uncomprehendingly relish. I've always volunteered for them. Surprising because I'm actually more of an introvert. But I think a roomful of silent people encouraged me to make my voice heard, to speak my mind, to communicate and then to watch carefully for a response in their faces. The speeches I've made mark occasions in my life that I would never forget.
But back to yesterday night. It wasn't even that important a presentation in the grand scheme of things, but 5 important people had been invited to judge and I was a mess. My part was over in the first half hour, I was one of eight to speak. After the 3 hour session, I was packing up to leave when Someone came to speak to me. A very very important Someone, the Most important Someone out of the mentioned panel of 5. He complimented my style, the way I carried myself and put forth my ideas with clarity. He admired the fact that I could think extremely well on my feet when taking questions. A talent that usually takes alot of time and experience to cultivate, he said.
I nodded dumbly, eyes glazed over. He was a head honcho. I was an insignificant Law student. It was the absolute pinnacle of my academic life!
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  1. Oh, I got a presentation up and coming on Friday. I´m well nervous because it´s a group presentation and some of the members aren´t that dedicated.
    Glad yours went good. maybe I should by myself some little black dress.

  2. Oh Caroline, I hate it when that happens, its just unfair. I wish you the very best of luck!!

  3. yes I think we all need a lucky little black dress like yours :-)

    xoxo Bardot in Blue

  4. you have a great blog