Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fill in the...

Quick, make a wild guess! Which resort collection is this from?
Could have fooled me, judging by the the first five images or so would you have guessed Gap??
Keep scrolling further... ah it becomes clearer now. Denim is almost non existent. The original vibe I got was a wild mix of Celine thrown in with a touch of Michael Kors modern sportswear. Very cruise collection. I'm interested to see how this sophisticated take translates onto the store racks, definitely hope the quality stands up to the sleek simplicity displayed in the 'lookbook'. An item that has me excited are the shoes!
Did you notice? Its the same variation of chunky heeled, pointy toed, slightly prim, slightly sexy heels worn throughout.
If appearances aren't decieving, I'll be purchasing a pair in nude & coral and another in black & white. Patrick Robinson's attempt to shrug off anything ‘heritage’ is certainly commendable and I for one am eager to see the results of his refreshing changes!

images from fashionologie


  1. I just came across your blog! And i love it! You have a great sense of style and your posts are very lovely:)I would never have guessed that this collection is GAP, since i always compare gap with denim:p
    So im gonna follow you! Hope you visit me back and follow me too:)
    Lots of love
    from belgium,

  2. great post x

  3. Ohh.. I looove cava haha. Did you like Madrid?
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