Friday, January 29, 2010


We're barely through with January and I already feel like taking off, preferably somewhere in Italy, also preferably a place by the sea.
There's no reason really but I'm suddenly gripped with an urge to dive into an incredibly cinematic old italian movie. Maybe its the need to embrace the idyllic.
Have you ever taken a trip that just felt surreal? Sometimes just when I'm about to take a picture I get a sense of deja vu just because I'm so familiar with the scene before me that it feels like I've already been there. Rest and relaxation is not usually top of the list of must-do's when I'm planning a holiday. Case in point; I sprained my back recently, pretty badly and when the doctor gravely told me that I would have to take proper care to prevent a regular recurrence my first thought admittedly was, "No more bungy jumping?!". You have to understand, I'm a huge adrenaline junky! I went straight to sky-diving before even attempting the bungy so this was bad news indeed.
So its highly unusual but for once taking in the views, soaking up the culture, perhaps catching a back-bending ballet recital sounds irresistably inviting. Oh February, Wherefore art thou?

First two images by jerseymaids, last two images by Daniele Pollice

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  1. Hope your back feels better! I too could use a vacation right about how. Italy sounds nice...
    XX Kate