Saturday, January 23, 2010

Highflying Corporate Sophisticate

She's the highflying corporate sophisticate with the perfect job, perfect life and she does it all in perfect clothes. Phoebe Philo's latest collection for Celine pre-fall 2010 doesn't push any fashion boundaries but it does draw attention to the brand that has been somewhat overlooked. Every piece is sleek, flawless and wearable, uncommonly so in the recent fashion climate. Nothing tattered and nothing torn, these are the pieces from the wardrobe of the effortlessly stylish woman we all envy.

She has an innate confidence, a sassy spirit, she's full of creative energy and never doubts her decisions. She's independent, she works hard and plays hard and does it all looking immaculate. A 8am meeting with a room full of highpowered suits, drinks at a plush, seductive bar with girlfriends, an intimate dinner at a discreetly luxurious restaurant, the ballet or a weekend ski trip, this exquisite collection fulfills all requirements with classic style and a touch of fun. There's absolutely no question that they would slide comfortably into one's wardrobe and establish themselves as the new firm favourites.

All images from Celine pre-fall 2010


  1. Love these. The 4th one down made me want a pair of red tights immediately.

  2. I know, looking through this collection just makes me go WANT!