Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I could be persuaded

Net-a-porter continues the not so subtle art of persuasion, and {shrug} what can I say? I could be persuaded... Too easily indeed. The jolt of red completes this irresistable picture. If shoes could talk, the things a pair of Louboutins would say! I'd bet she'd be witty and charming, bold and alluring, full of laughter and always up for a dare. She'd be well travelled and supportive, a friend who'll always care... Oh Monsieur Louboutin I do declare, in every girl's life there must exist a pair!


  1. So subtle and I too am persuaded ;)

    I saw that you commented on Susie's (from Style Bubble) Anything But Black post where she featured several ASOS pieces (specifically an embellished shoulder) and I thought you might be intersted in a DIY 3D Floral that I did:



  2. Beautiful photo's, love them all

    D E G A I N E


  3. Love Louboutins too. Now, I'll just have to add that on to the evergrowing wishlist. Great post btw=)

  4. WOW this is GORGEOUS!
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  5. Cute poem and gorgeous photos! I'm completely sold on Louboutins. Sad for my pocketbook.

  6. the underwear is gorgeous