Monday, June 1, 2009

Walnut Nightstands

I'm missing some nightstands at the moment and can you believe what I found? The most perfect pair to complement any bed. The only problem is the thousand dollar price tag. No exaggeration here.
According to the description they are custom handmade, crafted from solid walnut, brand new and inspired by the famous Charles and Ray Eames.

Designed and made by Hanger Design, the base is a reproduction Eames Dowel base, originally seen on the iconic Eames fiberglass chairs. This magnificent pair will make any mid-century maven's heart skip a beat. [mine at least--breathe]


  1. I am a craftsman, and make mid century furniture. I do not think the $1000 price tag is too much, especially if they are custom made, and even more if they are made by an American person.

  2. Hi,
    yes of course. I can definitely appreciate that you do pay for what you get and so something that is lovingly crafted with integrity and care will be priced accordingly which is why I made sure to mention that this pair was custom handmade. I only meant that on my student's budget, $1000 was way out of my reach and so this will be relegated to the design wishlist. Thanks!

  3. I came across these same tables and fell in love. I'm going to make my own and I suggest you do, too. the bases. But the top is pretty much just a box. I'm gonna go to thrift stores and flea markets and architectural salvage place and just find a couple of cool drawers. Even if they're simple drawers, the hardware could make them cool. Add all ingredients, mix and stir, and VOILA! I bet you can make a nice replica for under $300 depending on where you find your base.