Sunday, January 30, 2011

Dare you to.

Dinner on friday was a highly eventful experience!
The first time I've witnessed a Proposal outside of the movies and it was exhilarating and absolutely lovely.
It was almost 10pm, a late dinner after a long week. Suddenly, all the lights in the restaurant went out. While patrons glanced around to see what the commotion was about, a sole spotlight was turned on, enveloping the soon-to-be-engaged lady in a flattering halo.

Her group of girlfriends were clearly in on the surprise since cameras were immediately whipped out to record the memorable moment as she blinked in emotional confusion.
A man, all suited up appeared at the back of the room, slowly stepping into view with a big bouquet of flowers and a determined but abashed expression. The entire restaurant went wild with enthusiastic clapping and cheers of support!

Not a bite was eaten as everyone turned in their chairs and held their breaths when the hopeful groom went down on bended knee and revealed the requisite ring for the big question.
The answer was thankfully Yes!!
Amidst calls for the happy couple to seal it with a kiss, champagne was popped by the waitstaff and a seat was pulled out for the surely much relieved guy. Eventually, the lights were turned back on and conversation resumed as people returned to their meal.
But the cloud of romance hung in the air for the rest of the night... ah what fun!


  1. this has a great 70's vibe to it

  2. The brown jumpsuit is amazing. love it!

  3. So fabulous... and your writing? Wonderful!
    Hope you have a great close to the week. Also, thank you so so much for the kind comment you left me the other day -- I am feeling a great deal better than I was, and so happy to be feeling "normal" again :)


  4. That is such a lovely story! Has brightened up my afternoon just reading it!x