Thursday, January 13, 2011

Still in the sun

Sun, sea and...still need to learn how to surf! Its one of the niggling activities to check off the 'things to do while I'm young and not too awkward or easily embarrassed' list. Right, scratch that. I'll probably only ever have the guts to get on a wobbly surfboard if the lesson took place on a totally deserted beach. And since that will only likely ever happen in freezing winter or a wealthy someone's private stretch, I guess learning to surf might be relegated to the 'not ever going to happen' scenario.
Well, all that or just get over my aversion to public ridicule and take the plunge. Literally, painfully.
Anyone have good experiences to share?

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  1. great picturesss!!!love the first one!!xx

  2. tried surfing once when i lived in LA... I was rubbish, but thought it was kind of fun to wear a wetsuit. can't wait for summer! xx