Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Coming on Strong

When I think about the ebb and flow of a year, January makes the steepest peak. Its hard to emerge from the inertia after the romantic lull of November and December, the time when the year is at its gentlest and most rose tinted. And then its back to no nonsense, lets get down to business January!
I thought that these images capture the perfect blend of toughness, determination and sensuality to start the month off on an appropriately powerful note. Now, it may sound like I'm describing a perfume but if I wished for a special concoction to mark 2011, these would be the ingredients and composite characteristics that get my pick!

edita vilkeviciute and david gandy,

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  1. beautiful photos! and i love the way you describe starting off the new year. nothing wrong with describing something as you would a perfume :)