Friday, January 21, 2011

Vacation fever

I'm a planner. As much as I like the notion of taking a trip on an impulse, I know I'll never make it as backpacker.
Roadtrips have started calling to me recently, the idea of not following a fixed schedule, of keeping one's options open, of hitting the open road. I've never truly been on one, except for driving directly from LA to Vegas, so I don't really know if the reality is as romantic as the picture in my mind. Nevertheless, being hooked on to Lonely Planet and Frommers, constantly scouring places to travel to next has become my great escape when demanding timetables make it hard to find a real break.
Travel & fashion- always makes for a spectacular editorial!

images from fashiongonerogue


  1. absolutely LOVE this editorial. the model is beautiful and the settings and clothes are perfection! thank you so much for your wonderful comment on our blog - so sorry it took us a while to get back to you! we love your blog!!

    hope to hear from you soon!
    xo, camilla & valerie

  2. Beautiful photos, love the soft colors and the " sea feeling " in everyone.