Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Jolt of colour or Darkly decadent

Wallpaper dilemnas {thankfully not yet literally} drive me up the wall with frustration. I'm not sure yoga-gained deepbreathing methods would help but standing upside down on my head might.
I'm a perfectionist. I have a mental image of the kind of design I'd like to see day after day.

My favourites are those produced my de gournay or Gracie but that is wholly unrealistic. The heavenly landscapes and chinoiserie Handpainted silks come with equally surreal prices, pampering that I'm not sure my walls deserve. I do like Cole and Son but they don't make it easy to order online and I'll have to contact someone in the trade which means an extra step for not that many rolls.

Nevertheless, the search goes on. Which do you prefer? The neutral tone with some sparkle, a bold unavoidable floral, classic gentleman's club pattern or smouldering shades?

These designs all by Wallpaper from the 70s


  1. I am sorry I love them all so I can be of no help at all! Enjoy your weekend, xv.

  2. They are great aren't they? Of course the perfect solution would be to have a house with 7 rooms, each wallpapered to suit a day of the week! But that might be overload too..

  3. I love love LOVE these pictures
    specially that mannequin one :D