Sunday, March 20, 2011 a shooting star

I'll let the pictures speak for themselves in this weekend post!
If not, I'll be tempted to endlessly expound on my great love for the ENTIRE collection. Truly, these shimmery, incandescent dresses could probably make Ariel abandon her Prince charming. Marvellous from top to toe, I'd smear a succulently sweet Georgian peach all over my face if it would mean achieving that delicious, dewy complexion too.


  1. Gorgeous collection, indeed...I love what looks like fish-scale detailing..genius...the first outfit is my favourite..what lovely colors!! I found your blog today...loved it...and now following drop by my blog sometime and follow it if you like!! xx meenal

  2. I love all the colours and textures from this collection - everything is just so beautiful, I can't choose a favourtite.


  3. Astounding collection I want it all!! Also quite in love with your blog so I am following you as I love it!! Hope you come see me sometime - hope you'll like what I do and follow me too;O)
    Happy monday !
    A xx

  4. definitely fell in love with the red shoes in the last pictures!

  5. I wasn't too fond of the shoes this season but I loove the clothes...those fish-like dresses are perfect.

  6. these are amazing!
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  7. loove that!!xx