Friday, July 1, 2011

Friday's Child

Already looking forward to my tea and dim sum date tomorrow. There's something about the beautifully decorated surroundings, intricate chinoiserie tapestry, dark wood panelling and hushed tunes from a chinese gu zheng that makes me think of smoky asian movies. More than a meal, going out for dim sum is an overall experience. There's nothing nicer than spending a lazy saturday afternoon sipping fragrant tea and indulging in delicous food paired with easy conversation. Tonight, I'll be painting my nails with Estee lauder's enchanted garnet, a deep glossy red that will be just perfect for manuevering dainty parcels of food with my imperfect chopstick skills!
Any special plans this weekend?

juliana forge from priscillas

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  1. Nice post. And <3 the photos on your blog :)
    if you like it we can follow each other :*