Friday, January 6, 2012

Beauty in January

In the first week of January, this is what inspires me. A touch of softness and an unguarded moment. A bit of messiness appeals, not too done, not too much. Feminity melded with innate strength. Minimalism in the sense of keeping things simple and easy.

I've been really interested in proper jewellry lately. Grown-up jewellry. Well crafted settings and tasteful gems. Tiny stones are all I can afford at the moment but all the more precious to me. I think it's sort of entering the next phase, departing from the throw-away embellishments of youth. I hope to build on that.
I've been taking it slow these rose-tinted first days of the new year. Everything still feels fresh as the morning dew when the dust and gravel of the year before are left behind. To fulfilling hopes and dreams in 2012...

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