Sunday, April 22, 2012

Me and the Open Sea less than 24 Hours! Can't wait to be in the Maldives and snorkel in the Indian Ocean. I've read reviews of travellers sighting baby sharks and even dolphins so you can imagine my excitement! These glorious pictures are the result of my 'research' on flickr. I'll probably be taking a boatload of pictures (pun maybe intended) but here is a little glimpse of paradise in advance. Switching to havaianas for five days sounds utterly divine.
À bientôt!

All pictures from Flickr

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  1. Ahhhh the Maldives, one of my favourite places in all the world! last year I took a surf trip with all of my girlfriends to Lohifushi and it was so beautiful, the water is sooo clear! thank you for sharing such beautiful images! xx mandy