Monday, July 23, 2012

Journey to Shanghai on the Louis Vuitton Steam Train...

Train journeys evoke romance and the spirit of adventure, it is simply an accepted fact unless you're a student travelling on a budget and are forced to sit with your bagpack in the luggage section while enduring a neverending ride from one European city to another. But still, looking back I'm sure you'll say it was a marvellous adventure no matter how sore your rump must have felt by the time you disembarked. The Louis Vuitton luxury experience captures only the beauty of train travel with none of the indignity. Passengers dressed in the most exquisite finery travel from Paris to Shanghai while the setting sun colours the wild landscape beyond. Everyone seems to be travelling light. No signature trunks, instead multiple highly covetable leather luggages are carefully carried by prompt porters wearing white gloves. Who will they meet once arriving at the infamous Bund? What will life be like in this foreign city? The story is yours to pen.

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