Saturday, September 5, 2009

City Club Hideaway

Company Law is finally driving me crazy but I found the most sinfully exclusive place to unwind - New York's City Club Hotel.

How welcoming that message sounds... though after you've seen the pictures you might agree that if my home looked even a smidgen like that I probably wouldn't leave, Ever!

Crossing my fingers that I'll be in New York in 3 weeks!
So accomodations have naturally been top of the to do list.
But no, this isn't close to being a viable option [USD 439 for the petite room, une nuit! For the inquiring minds who want to know].
Alors, en suite...

Preserving the masculine atmosphere in shades of delicious chocolate brown, designer Jeffrey Bilhuber did an exceptional job maintaining the warmth but keeping it fashionable and modern.
Bookshelves reach all the way to the impossibly high ceilings and the walls are cheekily adorned with framed vintage playbills and new york city maps.

A winding staircase delivers you neatly into a snug abode complete with a deep feather bed just begging to be rolled around in.
Still feeling jet-lagged? Run a hot bath then slip into luxurious Frette robes and dip into the minibar's Dean & DeLuca stash.
When you're feeling appropriately pampered and drowsy, snuggle deeper into your cocooned haven and order room service from Daniel Boulud's famed DB Bistro Moderne.

Ahh, its gonna be hard to float back down from Cloud Nine.


  1. This hotel is AMAZING!! My publicist hosts her press events there twice a year, and I'm always more excited about the actual hotel than anything else! ;)

    Thanks again for your kind comment :)

  2. Oh how I'd love to be there in person! The details are exquisite, I suppose I'll just have to walk on by when I get to new york :)