Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Never stop Loving New York

Did you guess I was away? Glorious New York for a week.
A crazy 5 days actually which collided squarely with the UN conference where Obama, Sarkozy and contemporaries came to town along with raucous youths in matching shirts, fighting for their colourful causes.
It was fun to see flags being waved, secret service pacing not-so-covertly at every turn and excited crowds trying hopelessly to guess who might be sitting in one of the many black limousines gliding serenely by.

On another note, I think we should all play this game whenever we're striding purposefully across Grand Central. Its simple, You start off with a 100 points and they fall as you cut from North end to South, or East to West as the case may be.
10 points off each time you're forced to change direction mid-stride, take another 20 points if you have to stop to avoid a possible collision, 30 points if you actually bump into a person
{40 if you're not a tourist because really you should have gotten the hang of it by now}.
All clear? Lets go, and no slower than 50 paces per second.

I have more to share but for now rest is definitely on the radar.

Images ici et ici.

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